before bedski… space commies and monkeys

Eta Noozhna!
Cosmos Patrol! It’s Star Trek for Communists! The crew of the Red Adventurer and a reanimated Peter the Great challenging holographic supervillains Adolf Hitler and John D. Rockefeller in a chess tournament—to the death!

Japanese firms that destroy relationships for those unable to do it themselves–busting up marriages, driving off mistresses, even ruining corporate managers with their board of directors for the sake of a rival. Amazing, upsetting stuff.

They pioneer the outer reaches of space. They patrol the highways and keep the roads safe for Diet Dr. Pepper (with help from They Might Be Giants). They protect the world from megalomaniacal super-criminals. They’re the backbone of our great nation’s trucking industry. They’re sports idols who inspire our youth. They’re the future of education.

What won’t those fabulous chimpanzees do in the service of mankind?

Now, off to sleeps! Nighters! (By the way… my sweetie likes me better than Aragorn. Neener, Strider. prefers me she does. Yesss. )

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