please do not eat my cornflakesI thought time was only supposed to fly when was having fun? I’m here at work two hours already, and I don’t know where it went. I think I’m going to start taking public transit into work in the morning, at least when it’s not raining… at least until I remember why I fell out of the habit. I need to pick up a new bus pass this weekend, anyhow.

Here’s why I have a “I’ll believe it when I see it” attitude about coming software. Especially Peekabooty and AI.

Things happening over the next 30 days, barring a bad change of events, in semi-chronological order –

  1. Get a digital Camera (Belated Christmas Prezzie for self)
  2. Get a nice beach cruiser bicycle (Birthday Prezzie for self)
  3. Get a week off for vacation
  4. Finish Big Brain’s repairs (dual monitor, internet, and backup)
  5. Reactivate 24/7 Newtcam
  6. Troll for some new contracting gigs
  7. Get Back with WID, and JenJen and see if there’s anything else I can do there.
  8. Take a more recent picture of myself and Derek together (and get a pic of his tattoo)
  9. Celebrate my Birthday, and wish Robb a happy one, too. (It’s the same day)

I want to go home, get under the covers, snuggle and nap. *right now*


This morning I *creeeak* up from checking email and finding this great paper modelling links page. (Where were those paper buildings when I was tabletop gaming?) Thinking to self – “Scott, It’s kind of cool outside for morning walkies and I feel very, very lazy. It’s 48ºF…Quit yer complaining! You need a walk, and once you’re moving, you’ll thank me for it. Oh, all right. I’ll do it… *mumble mumble, gonna get a bagel at the bagel shop, though, and some tea”

So I pick up Newt, and give sweet lovies to procrastinate a bit. Four hundred nuzzles, kitty kisses and headbutts later, I’m dressed and out the door wearing a sweatshirt to keep warm and a baseball cap to preserve my nose from Yellow Face.

The sky is clear, with no clouds to hold heat down, and it’s beautiful out. The sun is bearing down, so I don’t really notice the chill too much once out of the covering shadows of the apartment’s roof. I hit the sidewalk and there were absolutely *no* rollerbladers or cyclists out today… a few other walkers though. It strikes me funny somehow that a mom with a stroller is willing to come out, but workout folks aren’t. pompano beach fire truck - smallOn the return loop, there were quite a few Fire trucks screaming loudly down Federal Highway. It is very dry out again, now that I think of it… Traffic was slow to make way, the jarring klaxons of the trucks hurt my ears as they gave up trying to get past them all and instead rolled along the outside emergency lane. I scanned the horizon for smoke, but didn’t see any. There had to be at least five big trucks and a small cheif’s vehicle heading north, though. Another sight that would’ve been nice to catch on the digital camera. When I got home I dosed up Newt quite easily, we had some play, then to the shower for me to prep for work. Now dressed, I recount my morning and await a ride into work.

It’s supposed to get colder tonight, so I’m leaving the desk lamp on for Newt to sit next to in case it gets too chilly before I get home. It occurs to me that Newton’s not had warm food since drinking the formula I’d mix for him as a baby. I wonder if he misses it? How would you feel if you went from having mother’s milk to kibble and a little soft treat once or twice a day?

I don’t think it’d be too bad, if I didn’t know any better. I think Newt eats the kitty equal of Lucky charms daily… crunchy bits, and softer, tastier pieces that are shaped like things that they’re not.

In News of Scotto’s bod… the left arm is much better today.