Deleting… heads up.

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You know how we’ve never actually deleted accounts that are marked for deletion?

Well, we’re going to now. So if you have your account marked for deletion and it hasn’t changed state (deleted vs. visible) in the last 30 days, be warned…. it’s going away, along with all its content.

I wasn’t going to post this warning, but Evan said some people delete their accounts for purposes other than deleting their accounts. (whatever that is?)

But I guess this also means that in a few days all those usernames you’ve been wanting will be available to go snag. Go snag them if you intend to rename your journal to that, and then I suppose I’ll get the username rename thing back in service.

(The motivation for this, btw, is to make the huge change coming up in the next week or two go a bit quicker… we’re going to need to alter ~20 tables in the database, and the less data they have in them, the better.)

The actual deletion of users won’t happen for a few days. There won’t be another warning, though.

Also I can only hope that I’ll one day be this good at flash.

Super cool radio-watch

Radio-watchElegant. Stylish. Rugged.

Just a few of the words used to describe the newest ComMaster 300 radio-watch from Hawks Industries. It looks great with the finest formal wear, and is tough enough to endure the most extreme environments. With its titanium frame, it can withstand up to 1000kg of pressure, and the vacuum sealed interior allows it to continue operating in any athmosphere… even space!

Do yourself a favor and invest in the most reliable communications timepiece available. For those who depend on their accessories, there’s simply no substitute.

When I’m a superhero, That’s the first tool I’m buying.

Ok, here’s the glitches update.

  1. Big Brain’s ol’ modem tries to connect, but it can’t find a dialtone.
  2. Monitor #2 simply does not want to be recognised
  3. I need to buy some rewritable or write-only cd’s to do my backing up. About 30 I think for both machines. A bulk spool of 100 will suit me well

I took a nap at midday, and ol’ Newtie tricked me up. I thought he walked along the top of the covers to lay next to me, until I felt his digger-nose under my nightshirt sticking into my armpit. He propmptly fell asleep along my side, his head in the crook of my arm and shoulder… I couldn’t find it in my heart to evict him from my sleeping togs, so I remained there for about an hour reading the book by my bedside and enjoying the company of a very snuggly kitty. (I blame the cooler weather…usually he’s not crazy about getting under the covers.) All in all, a very comfortable time. I got up when the boy decided to use his box.

also, hmmm….

It strikes me odd that they can’t outright delete a person. Ah well, at least the nasty post is gone. I really don’t understand the desperate need by some folks to be a jerk. Daddy didn’t hug him enough as a kid, and thus needs any attention at all?

Currently being entertained by – .. Do it yourself jobbies, to some really fun ones. Call me morbid if you must, but I found the place pretty neat.

The camera I want is on back stock, so I’ll have to wait and not get it today. Today will be spent finishing Big Brain… He’s got a few issues to resolve, and hopefully it’ll be polished off with a minimum of fuss.

He’s currently wearing Windows 2000…no XP or Me(h) until they’re more stable or I need one for a program I can’t run any other way.

Hardware / Tech things to do in the future, as time and mood permits, in semi-order.

  • Install sound card on little brother’s machine. (Fairly independant from the others)
  • Make the 2nd monitor fire up properly. So far, it’s not being recognised properly. Error 10.
  • Configure DSL and dial-up internet connection
  • Set up networking between Lappie and Big Brain (or Worker1 and Queen Bee on the “Hive” as it were)
  • Backup Lappy projects to CDs via the network
  • Backup D: drive to CDs.
  • Reformat D: as NTFS instead of Win32
  • Restore data to D:
  • Make big brain dual boot Win 2k and *nix.
  • Make *dang sure* that Big Brain is running like a top (a good week or two), and then reformat Lappie and restore backups on it.