To heck with that personal scooter junk… somebody get me one of these.

No tush-burning exhaust, lifter fans…just the way I want it. now *that’s* cool technology.

Also –

Windows XP, the most secure operating system ever, has another security hole. In other news, the Titanic is an unsinkable ship. (my opinion on XP is here -warning, foul language, because is a pottymouth)

‘Dead’ man gets up and walks away just before his cremation

The midnight pooper has struck again

Taliban gone, Pedophilia Back.
Between that and goat-football yech. I try to be tolerant, but mistreatment of youth doesn’t fly with me.

I was in a funk, then bad mood earlier. Still a slight crankiness, but things feel better again. I have a game plan, and talking about what bugs me helped out. Now, it’s only a question of confronting those remaining issues.

I need to call my brother tonight, and see what’s the dealio lately. (We’ve been playing a lot of phone-tag, and missing one another… as one of the “big three” people in my life, it’s important to keep that avenue open)

Had a wonderful walk this morning… I got in before the thunderstorms had a chance to start. Refreshingly cool, because it was cloudy, windy and early. I skipped the double walk, though…one lap was enough. The beach was beautiful… grey skies, not too choppy, not too populated. I’m glad I didn’t do the airport walk, because I think that route would’ve been mobbed. As it stands, I was allowed to walk unimpeded at my normal ent-stride. (Hasty or not.) The wind was at my back on the way home and made the return simpler than the first half of the walk…just as well, because the bridge on atlantic is a bit of an incline. Lots of things to take pictures of. Only two weeks until I get my digicam!

screamingly cute giraffe pics – eyeball, lovey heads