Where ya been, Scotto?

Today was for the birds, literally. The only pics of interest I got by the lake were of seagulls circling overhead… hordes of them. A sweet little crane crossing the street, and a eh picture of a duck on the water. I sort of like the one of the lake rocks… the wind dies down, and the water was very clear. not my best photo-day, but some of these can be tweaked, I think.

I just meandered today. Walked to the lake near Sample road, and read my book in the sun, on the grass under a tree. High quality. 🙂

and, of course, The Newton picture of the day…orange kitty on a tan cardboard packing box. one of his fave places to be, so I’m loathe to open and unpack it. No need yet, so he has his space.


Bigger, and more pictures are available here.