Random Scotto Factoid of the day –

I read multiple books at once. Depending where in the apartment or at work I am, I grab what’s at hand and read it… I keep a book by the bed, one (at least one!) in the potty, on the dining-table, next to my computers at work & home, and stored on my palmtop for portability. (the bed and palm books get read the quickest, and sometimes books cycle from location to location.)

Current books I’m reading, and locations – (I’ll apply links and fomatting, later, as it occurs to me)

  • Work – Perl Programming and Apache Guides
  • Palmtop – Blue Velvet Script, King James Bible, Tales of the Arabian Knights, (Will be adding Delta of Venus, shortly, possibly tonight)
  • Home computer – The Stand – Stephen King
  • Potty – Collected Astro City, Preacher, and Doom Patrol comics in Trade paperbacks
  • Dining Table – Quantum psychology – Robert Anton Wilson
  • Bedside – Tales Of Beatnik Glory – Ed Sanders

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