Had wonderful, soothing sleeps last night. 🙂 Wearing my superman boxers to celebrate today.

Walkies today, and yesterday’s super jetpack link makes me wonder about the last groundbreaking invention before the internet? Anything more recent than my answer? (I don’t want to foul judgement by posting it out here. For what it’s worth, I don’t thing the little scooter is terribly groundbreaking)

It really impresses me what some people have seen over the last lifetime’s worth of years. 1903 we had the first manned, controlled flight… there are people still alive that were born before then… they’ve seen us go from being pretty much earthbound to being able to go to the moon, cold wars, world wars, and we lived through it all.

Human rights here in the US went to some pretty poor settings to some not nearly so bad ones. Women can vote, no more official segregation, and you can pretty much believe what you want in regards to religion, sexuality, and politics. Medical science has gone through the roof, as has technology in general. (Maybe, in my opinion the best side effect of some of the most horrible conflicts this planet has ever seen.)

I’m happy to be living in this place and time.

Other news…Newtie’s done with his meds! hooray! To celebrate, I had a naughty brunch. Ice cream sammich!

Drink me!

Which drink are you?

what is that? A rum and coke? [update, via My Lj-sis… rum, coke and a dash of lime juice. yum!] I’m a good guesser.

For kellie –

“music is our favorite thing
that’s because we like to sing
if you a press a letter please
you can sing along with me”

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