September 16, 2022 at 06:11PM

So, there’s a Santa Clause series coming out where Tim Allen is retiring, so they are getting a new Santa.

I thought it was based on killing the old Santa? Does this mean it will be some kind of running man / battle royale thing where the contestants are trying to be the first to snuff the current santa, in order to become the new Santa? (And will that person then become “it”, having to defend themselves from the other potential contestants? )

Somehow, I doubt it, but I would watch it.

Then again, maybe have it take place in the future, after his human bloodline has all died out, 250 or so years from the last movie, and have him willingly be executed by his successor, only to change his mind at the last minute, and he has to deliver presents in a far flung future while stopping murderous contenders to the Claus throne?

Come on, Disney, I am giving these to you for free! Do it!

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