October 31, 2022 at 02:48PM

Social isolation day 962 – Halloween 2022!

A little sad that we won’t be at the Poe gravesite tonight, but I am glad that they are doing an outdoor tour again, even if we can’t be along for the fun. Van is missed and health has to be a priority. Third Halloween from home in a row. It had jus tdd trained, but now overcast and about 65⁰F.

As for the #swampwalk, I brought along BHK and we saw a bit of our neighborhood fauna on the way to the swamp- the Belgian shepherd was extra fluffy and adorable, and we stopped to chat with T at a reasonable distance. Mrs in her hocus pocus shirt, and I in my Salem wicked ale.

#bogsafari Other critters seen a (frog? toad? mouse?) Leaping under the ground cover of leaves, a multitude of squirrels , and no remarkable avian or feline life.

The photos don’t do the colors justice, we have some great red, gold and oranges along with the usual greens and browns.

#walkabout Maximillian Deersteak #autumn #halloween #October312022 https://instagr.am/p/CkY4MiBMaB7/

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Art by Rudolf Sieber-Lonati one of the most prolific German horror pulp artists, most of them are from Dan Shocker covers

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Liked on YouTube: 🔴 LIVE wildlife camera 🦊 25 October 🍁 BBC Autumnwatch 2022

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Autumnwatch is back, broadcasting live from across the UK. Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan are at Wild Ken Hill in Norfolk as cameras capture the daily dramas of the local beavers, bats, birds and a host of other nearby critters!

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Autumnwatch | 2022 | BBC

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Liked on YouTube: Jackie Chan Adventures | Fright Fight Night | Season 4 Ep. 6 Full Episode | Throwback Toons

Jade and Paco want to win the “Scariest Costume” award at the school’s Haunted Halloween Fair. Paco tries on an Oni Mask that turns him into a demon, and Jackie and El Toro must save him

Season 4 Episode 6: Fright Fight Night

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Jackie is back in full force, battling evil and squashing demons in Season 4 of Jackie Chan Adventures. Daolon Wong summons the Shadowkhan to help him escape from prison. A new superhero team emerges known as the Amazing T-Troop. Paco tries on an Oni Mask that turns him into a demon, and Jackie must save him. The Enforcers join sides with Jackie and try to be good guys for a change.

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Jackie Chan Adventures | Fright Fight Night | Season 4 Ep. 6 Full Episode | Throwback Toons


Liked on YouTube: Adam Conover’s Statement to the FTC and DOJ on Harmful Media Mergers

I spoke before FTC Chair Lina Khan and Assistant Attorney General for Antitrust Jonathan Kanter this week about how corporate mergers are devastating working conditions, access to diverse voices, and artistic freedom in media. This is my full statement. It’s not every day that you’re invited to present a case like this to the exact government officials who are empowered to do something about it. It was, honestly, the highlight of my career so far. My deepest thanks to Chair Khan, AAG Kanter, and the Writers Guild of America West for the opportunity.