Liked on YouTube: ASTRO CAT! Aaron’s Animals Sculpture

Welcome Citizens of the Craftiverse! Today we’re gonna’ sculpt a couple of figures and construct a wooden spaceship from trash. I’m building a diorama for my two new friends Aaron and Michael. They have a successful YouTube channel called ‘Aaron’s Animals.’

Aaron is a great visual effects artist. His videos mainly consist of his cat, Michael, getting into different adventures and trouble. Go and check out his fun videos!

I wanted the final sculpture that I’m making in today’s video to reflect Michael’s seeming knack for getting himself into predicaments. The final diorama needs to tell a quick visual story to convey the overall concept and vibe of Aaron’s Channel. Let’s see if we can do that.

So join me and we’ll do a lot of sculpting, a little woodwork, a touch of watercolor, a spot of trash-bashing, and other fun stuff.

If this sounds good to you then, “Let’s Get Our Craft On.”




How to Braid a Wire:


00:00 – Intro
00:33 – Design & Sculpting
03:34 – Research
04:27 – Wire Braiding & Armature
05:48 – Build a Wooden Base
07:38 – Rocket Build
09:52 – Painting
11:48 – The Last Few Details
12:41 – Final Results
13:57 – UFO