8582 – Lazy man return from vaykay post.

Some Maryland shots taken last weekend – clicken to emgiggen!

Slutty Mermaid – Downtown Car wash. Word about town is that she’s easy.

ATV guy in the punkin patch, and a couple of pov shots – last is a giant Halloween spider made from a hay bale.

Courthouse! very important appointment there on 10/25!

Baltimore and/or Annapolis

The Airport: Mr Crab Again, Spirally Parking Lot, and sunset on the plane’s wing.

Farm area… horsies askew, silo drive-by, and some amish signs selling squirrel feed.
I really like the center one full sized.

Got quite a lot done on the weekend, with only a few setbacks due to my size. (it’s hard to find snappy clothes in my size.) I had a wonderful time, as always, and look quite forward to my return. I have to remember to go back and geocode all of my recent pictures, too. Locks for Love may’ve been stymied – the bag with my ponytail seems othave a rupture in it, and part of the tail was sucked through it. a Freak accident, due to cabin pressure?

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