8583 – I can’t believe Unification Day was 16 years ago.

Jewelry Success! That’s Phenom. Great job, Allison on finding a good circular metal making guy & gal!

I am a little distressed about the vanishing soybean butter.

Going to test the new po box today, once I unearth the address.

Looking forward to traveling some Southern Maryland trails in the future. I suspect the Fossils and Beach glass loops will be especially alluring.

You are 64% white and nerdy.
How White and Nerdy Are You?

Scientists see the softer side of Tyrannosaurus rex.

When paleontologists find fossilized dinosaur bones during a dig,they usually do everything in their power to protect them, using tools like toothbrushes to carefully unearth the bones without inflicting any damage. However, when scientists found a massive Tyrannosaurus rexthigh bone in a remote region of Montana a few months ago, they were forced to break the bone in two in order to fit it into the transport helicopter. This act of necessity revealed a startling surprise: soft tissue that had seemingly resisted fossilization still existed inside the bone. This tissue, including blood vessels, bone cells, and perhaps even blood cells, was so well preserved that it was still stretchy and flexible.

A scanning electron microscope revealed that the dinosaur blood vessels, which are 70 million years old, are virtually identical to those recovered from modern ostrich bones. The ostrich is today’s largest bird, and many paleontologists believe that birds are the living descendants of dinosaurs. Scientists may be able to confirm this evolutionary relationship if they can isolate certain proteins from the recently discovered T. rex tissue. These proteins could also help solve another puzzle: whether dinosaurs were cold-blooded like other reptiles or warm-blooded like mammals.

Does this discovery of soft dinosaur tissue mean that scientists will soon be able to clone a Tyrannosaurus rex? Probably not – most scientists believe that DNA cannot survive for 70million years. Then again, before this discovery, most scientists believed that soft tissue could not survive for 70 million years either.

Three quickie pictures from the Fort Lauderdale airport (FLL):

little airplanes hanging in space over southwest passengers

I got a bunch of blurry pictures of a friendly little puffer fish. This one is representative enough of the rest! he was really cute in person (in piscene?) with a semi smile and little fins cruising im around.

Also in the fishtank was a green eel…he was sort of lazily hanging over the edge, opening and closing his mouth, trying to nab a slow snack.

Moment of lyric – see here. (or download it here)

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