8703 – As missv is fond of saying – “Son, you’ve got a panty on your head”.

Newt is buried up to his neck in laundry while I fold. I don’t blame him a bit.. warm and comfy on a drizzly rainy night!

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Watched Brothers Grimm (finally – I’ve been halfheartedly trying since it was in the theater!) and, despite the negative reviews… I like it.

Moment of Lyric –

Oh ry in eye ay – oh ry in eye ay
Oh ry in eye key ooh lay
Ka kay ooh lau ee – oh ry in eye
Say te lee ay vee show

Midnight sunshine silent thunder
Sky as black as day
Only a dream away

Waking while you’re still deep sleeping
Finding you’re not here
Watching a dream appear

Tumbling through a thousand centuries
You don’t know where you’ll land
Its so dark in mythology
Treasures of history to be found
Near the legends of time
All the handiworks remain there
Only a dream away

Greedy feeling wheeling dealing
Losing what you won
See the dream come undone

Stumble you may with the elementary
Lucky you got so far
All you owe is apologies
Measure the mystery and astound
Without taking up time
So the handiworks remain there
Only a dream away

In out, hot cold, up down, young old
What a lot to do
Sharing a dream with you

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