8696 – Hap-Pye New(t) Year’s Eve!

We’re right between the Solstice and the Epiphany, which means that if you live in the Northern hemisphere, no matter what you choose to worship or how idly you choose to worship it, you’re probably throwing it a party.

And if you’re a pagan, or at least think that stuff is nifty, you’re celebrating the fact that the Oak King is finally whapping the Holly King upside the head. Go Oak King, go!

oak king vs holly king

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8695 –

As of today, I am free of any ACIM tethers, and can seek to collect unemployment, since they cut the cord on my remote assistance. That’s a boon for me.. could mean a little income to help with while my quest for more local endeavors continues.

Danny Birthday Gifts @ Green Alien Head (plus free horror clix!) Took it easier on spending than I thought I might… good thing!

The Calvert Library in Prince Frederick is really nice (It’s been open since october, even though the official grand opening is later in Jan)… lots of local color, from the fossil record fireplace to the lighthouse latrine upstairs. I’ll be taking pics, soon. A pity the children’s librarian position doesn’t pay more. The teen section carries about sixty or so current comics titles, so I may actually get back on top of a few.. or not. All of the media sections are pretty sharp, from Maryland law to dvd movies, too. Free wifi makes it an excellent stopping point after panera.

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8694 –

Score. We got Larry’s ol’ GINORMOUS TV. (since he and Chris got themselves a UBER-VASTGANTIC flat screen as a yuletide giftie.

In addition, Adam brought us over his Xbox… so now we’ve got a gamecube, xbox and a new tv as non-christmas but still mighty fine additions to the house. That upgrades our games cabinet to the following:

Pirates (both the booster pack and the boardgame versions)
Uno H20

call of duty2
star wars battlefront

a mess of gamecube, including godzilla melee and rampage

Sunset at the inlaws:

sunset at the barkers

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8693 – DSCN3199

DSCN3199, originally uploaded by scottobear.

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8691 – Classic Nativity on Boxing Day

Untitled, originally uploaded by Sidereal.

plus alien. 🙂

Part of our present to Larry – Good Deale Bluegrass Tuesday, December 26- 7pm at the Rams Head Tavern

The annual Day After Christmas Holiday show! Tim Finch , Chris Walls, Jon Glik, and Mike Munford, are accompanied by the critically acclaimed Wayne Taylor from the Navy Country Current Band on vocals and guitar and sitting in on dobro will be Nashville session great Jimmy Heffernan, plus other special guests. Mike Auldridge will not be part of this show.

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