8248 – Thursday, is it?

Ramma-frazzin’ ding dang gig. I had to bail on the dinner party last night because of last minute tech issues. I felt like a heel cutting out 5 hours before the scheduled time, especially since I was looking so forward to the get-together. There’s another one next Wednesday… I’m going to do everything I can to make it.

The Grampa poll yesterday yielded some very nifty results and replies!

Tonight I go over to RS’s place and set the computer up so Gabe can burn himself some music safely (on top of making sure RS’s machine is up to snuff for the rest of the office’s duties.)

Friday, I’ll see Mom and Wilton off for their trip to Brazil for a week. I’ll be on call again, so they’ll have to swing by my place, but that works… We’ll do Chinese food to ring in St. Patty’s.

LONDON (Reuters) – Bats, whales and dolphins use it to communicate. Baby rodents call their mothers with it and now a rare Chinese frog has shown it can hear and respond to ultrasounds, scientists said on Wednesday.

The frog, Amolops tormotus, is the first non-mammalian species known to use the ultra-high frequencies that humans cannot hear.

It comes in handy to be heard above the pounding waterfalls and streams in the mountainous region of east-central China where Amolops tormotus, which is known as the concave-eared torrent frog, lives.

“Nature has a way of evolving mechanisms to facilitate communication in very adverse situations,” said Professor Albert Feng of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

“One way is to shift the frequencies beyond the spectrum of the background noise. Mammals such as bats, whales and dolphins do this, and use ultrasound for their sonar system and communication.”

But until now it was not known that some frogs were able to use ultrasound.

Kraig Adler, a biologist at Cornell University in New York, first noticed the frog with no external eardrums while surveying amphibians in China. He told Feng, an auditory neuroscientist who studies frogs and bats, about his find.

Feng and his colleagues conducted tests on the frogs to determine whether they could hear and respond to ultrasounds.

“Now we are getting a better understanding of why their ear drums are recessed,” said Feng, who reported his findings in the journal Nature.

“Thin eardrums are needed for detection of ultrasound. Recessed ears shorten the path between eardrums and the ear, enabling the transmission to the ears,” he added in a statement.

Ultrasounds are high-pitched sounds of more than 20 kilohertz (kHz) frequency — much higher than the frequency most birds, reptiles and amphibians can hear.

I got a 37…I’m a-spoiled!

Apparently, if its over 30, you are spoiled!

( ) own car————————–
(x) cell phone————————-
(x) own phone line——————–
(x) own bathroom———————–
(x) own room——————————-
(x) built in pool————————-
( ) guest house———————–
(x) game room———————–
(X) tv in your room—————
Total =7

(x) queen-size bed (well, king)
( )more than 20 pairs of shoes
() 10+ things from a designer store
() expensive sunglasses
() name brand purse
() ipod
() xbox
() ps2
(x) mp3 player (my pda)
Total =2

() range rover
() basketball hoop
() air hockey table
(x) pool table
(x) ping pong table
() foos ball table
() trampoline
(x) live on a lake or pond
() own a pair of skiis
() own a snowboard
Total = 3

() has a boat
() has a jet ski
() has a beach house or cabin
() only child
() stereo in bedroom
(x) dvd player in room
() 100+ dvd’s
() gets $50+ for allowance each month
() goes shopping every month
() shops at abercrombie or hollister
Total= 1

() goes snowboarding or skiing every week(end)
() 2+ family cars
(x) perfume/cologne (on occasion)
(x) aim
(x) msn
(x) yahoo
(x) own digital camera (cheapie on pda)
( ) walk in closet
Total= 5

( ) electric scooter
() dirt bike
() 4-wheeler
() guitar/drums
() hammock
(x) been on a cruise
(x) traveled out of the country
() personal fit trainer
() expensive jewelry
() owns prada bag
(x) met a celebrity
Total =3

() straightener/curling iron
() gets hair done/nails/spas
()on/was on a varsity team for school
() own batting cage
() 100+ in wallet/purse right now
(x)own savings account
(x)been to the Caribbean
(x) been to Europe
(x) been to Hawaii
Total =4

(x) been to new york
() shopped in seattle
() eaten at the space needle in seattle
() been to mall of america
() spent $500 or more in mall of america
() been on the Eiffel tower in paris
(x) been on the statue of liberty in new york,
() went on a trip for a sweet 16 birthday
(x) owns on private property
() license
(x)moved 2+ times
Total =4

() sports car
() hot tub
(x) pet
() ranch
() verizon/sprint/cricket
() cingular/t-mobile
() virgin mobile
(x) nextel
(x) been to 5+ states in the us
() don’t have a job
() 100+ buddies on messenger
Total =3

(x) alarm clock
() home cooked meal almost every day
() eat out almost every day
(x) been in a limo
() own camcorder
(x) own laptop computer
(x) own desktop computer
(x) someone loves you
Total =5

Places to go in the Marvel Universe / Florida


– Birthplace of Jennifer Kale

– Birthplace of Ulysses X. Lugman (Slug)

– Capital of Florida

Coral Gables
– Birthplace of Curt Connors (Lizard)
– Birthplace of Scott Lang (Ant-Man II)

– Site of Marvel’s Island of Adventure Theme Park

I especially want to swing by Man-Thing’s swamp.


Stop off at AIM HQ, or the Nexus of all Realities, perhaps.

Man-Thing and I might have a few hippie things to talk about, too.


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