8232 – note to self – Saturday walkabout?

WHAT: “DalĂ­ on Tour” (art exhibition)

WHEN: now through May 20 (click here for museum hours)

WHERE: Coral Springs Museum of Art (NW Broward)

WALLET: cheap ($3?)

Coral Springs Museum of Art – home page
Coral Springs Museum of Art – current exhibit page

“An exhibition from the Dali Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida and a Collector’s Exhibition of Dali prints, lithographs, etchings and sculptures curated by Jerry BengisGeotarget

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Thanks, firpo!

Answers to yesterday’s test.

1. The word “snausages!” said the proper way will make me bust a gut laughing. *FIB*

Though, it can make me chuckle. The old commercial of the dog poking his head out, exclaiming “SNAUSAGES!” can make me laugh, albeit briefly.

2. One of best high school friends was killed by a blow to the head from an iron frying pan, as a result of a car accident.

Brent Ashland. Coming back from a camping trip, freak accident. pulled up short behind another driver, slammed on his brakes, and the skillet brained him. That was that. He had a lot of potential, dumb way to exit.

3. I’ve accidentally poured cheetos in a bowl, poured milk over ’em, and ate a spoonful like cereal before realizing my terrible, terrible mistake.

Always pay attention to what’s in the pouch on top of the fridge. even when you’re six years old. Seriously.

4. I say thank you to automatic doors and street lights when they let me pass.

It’s an unconscious response. Preprogrammed manners. Plus, I saw Herbie the love bug as a kid, and Buddy Hackett talked about a street light that didn’t like him. I appreciate robots helping my travels comfortably and easily. When the machines take over, I’ll have a position of authority.

5. I’ve been published in both Popular Science Magazine and the Unknown Armies Hardcover RPG rules.

Yup. Livejournal actually got me in PopSci (11/13/2003), and UA has me in the credits as a rumormonger. (published August, 2002)

Lakini Malich has made a startling discovery that will change the way the world views the brain-rotting laugh vacuum Garfield:

If you remove Garfield’s thought balloons, it goes from an unfunny comic to a rather sad, poignant story about a lonely man who has wasted his life talking to his cat.

He offers a second collection:

here’s some more, chronicling Jon’s spiral into depression and eventually madness. It’s what Jim Davis wanted.- via cruel.com

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