8106 – Fairly newt-intensive post.

GeotargetSee what happens after I move away from Los Olas? They paint the whole area with free wifi. There were a ton of free hotspots to start with, but now it seems pretty constant. I’m just glad the main library has a big touchstone now…. students can bring their own appliances in and get data, rather than wait on the computer banks in the 3rd, fifth and ground floors. I can only imagine how much bittorrenting of pirated er, archival stuff over a big open network will happen.

I might get a chance to hang out with Dave Attell this week or next. More on that as it happens or doesn’t. He’s back on tour.

Hey, the whole run of the Flash tv show is out of DVD! all 21 episodes plus the 90 minute Pilot.

newt and mr man
Newton Meets Mr. Man.

newt and mr man
Mr. Man gestures hypnotically, to put the giant beast in his thrall, and…

newt and mr man
Chomp! Newt treats him like Tyr. Mr. Man must be from Newfoundland, a smoker or a fascist.

BONUS VIDEO – I Taunt Newton with a plastic bag, and then needlessly compare him to a Fox News personality. 665k quicktime movie via palmtop (on Youtube as a flash video too)

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