Jan 27 2024

Day 20,082 Another early birthday goodie arrived, this time from my Mom and W – she said that a little birdie helped pick it out and I am very thankful! Lego viking village – I really dig this set- it has a lot going on and now I sort of want to pick up a longboat to put next to it (if I find a good place to put the whole thing set up). There is a longhouse, a forge, a scout tower and a copper mine, along with tons of little doodads and greebles, like a fish drying rack and armor on varying levels of build/paint. Snappy 4 minifigs, including a chieftain, a shield maiden, a smith, and a warrior / archer. Some of my The new year’s dragon is also terribly cute, and I will endeavor to get it assembled before lunar new year. Might wait for Amy to come down to build it… or maybe not, depends on what the months ahead bring. #doodle #viking #legoideas #vikingvillage #lego21343 https://www.instagram.com/p/C2nEMVsOfzD/?igsh=MW1sbG5uaHM3bmRueQ==

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