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Looking for a pretty accurate, easy to understand economic indicator?
Try the pawn shop.

On the Take
According to a recent survey, at least 200 million shakedowns occur every year in Mexico, a country where bribery remains a key way to get things done.
This may not seem all that newsworthy, but I was given a few bucks for the link…

Not So Fast Forward…
Several television networks have filed a suit against the makers of ReplayTV. The suit complains that the personal digital recorder enables people to click over commercials and easily share copyrighted material with others. This could be an interesting case to watch. If not, change channels.

Let Freedom Ring?
The latest copyright battle might be fought close to your ears. Some companies are complaining that cell phone ring tones are being sold without proper licensing agreements.
The hell with it, let’s take to the streets!

which is in no way a reference to the Doobie Brothers song Takin’ it to the Streets.

The Perfect Crime (For Investigators)
Robbing a store – Cost: $100
Having gun stolen by the store clerk – Cost: -$200
Having coat and mask also taken by clerk – Cost: -$30
Calling the cops and reporting the gun stolen – Cost: 8 years
We’ll hold off on the ‘priceless’ part – the robber in question is still pretty young and should provide us with decades more of such capers.

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