Collaboration played House of Danger, and we made it through Chapter one so far. (With only minor setbacks of having stepped on a landmine and being buried alive in a freshly dug grave)

Our Danger Meter is fairly safe for now, and psychic ability is Level 2

Current equipment is a pocket knife, water bottle, vibrating sphere, piece of satellite dish, battery, map of the hedge maze, and a key to a truck.

Chapter two awaits, after we take a little Agatha Raisin break.

Veggie sausage / impossible burger meatballs are roasting in the oven for supper, yum!

So that is Amy, Scott, Allison each get +1 win!

#chooseyourownadventure #boardgame #houseofdanger

Game day continues with Lantern Dice,  I won!

Scott – 34
Allison – 27
Amy – 25

#lanterndice #roanokeva #dec282023

Amy continues her winning streak, wins Dutch Blitz!
In 5 rounds

Amy (green pump)- 82 (we play to 75)
Scott (Blue Plow) – 25
Allison (red buggy) – 15

#cardgames #dec282023 @almsvats @maximillian_deersteak

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