10,000 fireflies

Mermaid showed me the firefly outbreak.

June 30, 2023

Last night, I experienced a remarkable phenomenon in my front yard. It was @maximillian_deersteak who alerted me to it. We were in the garage, preparing to enter the house, when she exclaimed “Look, fireflies!” I turned, and after my eyes adjusted, I saw hundreds of small faint green sparks flashing across from our garage, in the trees and bushes across the road. They were beautiful, and became easier to see after we turned out our lights.

We remained in the garage for a while, just admiring them. They were emitting light on and off, communicating with each other. I wondered what they were saying. Maybe they were courting, or just signaling to one another.

I felt privileged to see these incredible insects in my yard and I hope they will reappear again tonight.

#cryptidfamily #roanokeva #doodles #fireflies #backyardzoo

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