Very hot day to move. 🔥🥵

Journal Entry: June 18, 2023

What a weary and dismal day it has been! I have labored and perspired under the blazing sun, in no small part due to the transfer of some articles of clothing and boxes from the house to the moving van. It was a chore of monstrous proportions, but I did not falter from my obligation. We had to abandon our efforts prematurely, for the sun was a despot that tormented us with its infernal beams. I gulped down abundant amounts of water and coated my skin with some preventive salve, but I still felt the heat sear my flesh and bones.

After that, I proceeded to the home of my father-in-law Mothman, a bizarre and enigmatic man, to commemorate the day devoted to paternal figures. He received me and my wife with affability, and we accompanied him and his consort in watching some episodes of Brokenwood Mysteries, a series of stories involving homicides and sleuths in a distant land. It was an amusement that matched his macabre and inquisitive disposition. We indulged in some snacks and beverages and conversed about the show and other subjects.

I must admit that I feel a certain appreciation for having such an odd and diverse family and friends in my existence. They fill me with a blend of delight and terror, and they support me in all my endeavors. I wonder if they realize how much I value them. On the morrow, I will rest and recuperate from the busy day.

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Packed up for the day.

Me, packing up the Sacajawea logo U-Haul for our journey.

The sun was setting over the bay as our family gathered around the U-Haul truck. We had to leave ourl home and move to a new location because humans were encroaching on our territory.

The jackelope stood tall and proud, her antlers glistening in the fading light. The mermaid was busy packing boxes with her delicate hands, making sure everything was secure. The mothman and I loaded the truck with our powerful, shaggy arms.

It was a difficult task, but we worked together as a team. We were determined and persistent, even when things got tough. We didn’t need any humans to help us, we had each other.

I couldn’t help but feel grateful for my cryptid family. They were there for me when I needed them the most.

The bay was quiet, except for the sound of our truck settling after the most recent load, and the rolling door locked shut for the night. We looked out at the trees and water we were leaving behind, wondering what adventures awaited us in our new home. We will know soon enough!

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