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August 03, 2022 at 03:50PM

Mecha-Santo to the rescue?! #lilkaiju at 13 pieces, giving him some short legs, but plenty of dangerous with an arm-sword and nozzle-o-doom! He had better hurry, it looks like rain… don’t want to rust that noggin.

#glyosbuildchallenge #glyos #spymonkeystudios #battletribes #battletribeswrestling #toyphotography #toystagram #norelationtoultraman

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August 03, 2022 at 03:13PM

This blue-faced goon is sitting on the sidelines, waiting mostly patiently for their turn to hit on day three of #glyosbuildchallenge . #bigkaiju is here to make ol’ scotto continue to build in the hands on world of PVC and resin rather than purely digital output.

When they think nobody is looking, they kick and dangle feet over the edge and sing a happy, yet tuneless little tune that sounds a little bit like surf punk, a little like doo wop.

No name for this one yet has come to mind.

I love that they painted the tongue on that head!

#modulartoys #toyphotography #toystagram #onelldesign #spymonkeystudios #gohlem #biomasters #glyos

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August 03, 2022 at 11:56AM

The tiniest blue and gold kaiju hunter looks for some “mario mushrooms” to get to a more suitable size (or at least have a very colorful walk in the woods!)

Digital, so this only exists as a computer model.

For another perspective, check it out here

#glyosbuildchallenge #dalle2 #dalle #aiart #lilkaiju

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