August 05, 2022 at 03:46PM

#glyosbuildchallenge day 5, 2022

Looks like this #lilkaiju (11 pieces) crawled out of a bottle of Dimetapp. Those spiky hammer hands will tenderize and perforate all who try to get up to shenanigans too close.

I suspect he and Diet Grape Soda Bot would be friends in another reality, where they could swap outfits, go to the beach together, maybe defend the earth from other oppressors… but not now. This beastie is just coming down from the clouds for a nice place to have brunch. Man, now I am hungry, too. Time for a sammich!

#glyos #onelldesign #purple #pink

#modulartoys #toyphotography #toystagram #toy #lilkaiju

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Liked on YouTube: (old video!) EXCLUSIVE: Behind-the-scenes + Action Figure Organization

– Working on figure displays.
– Sneak-peak at “oddly satisfying” video.
– New video monitor setup.
– Show the “Magic Arm” in use as a camera mount.
– THANK YOU to Patreon supporters!