October 11, 2021 at 11:47AM

Airship, Morvern, Argyll, Scotland,Designed by Roderick James

I would love to live in this, if everything were scaled up in size, comfort and durability for a leviathan like myself. For now, it is just time to focus on a new couch and bed that has optimal support and scale.

#dreamhomes #captainnemo #airship #retrofuturism #atomicspaceage #suitableforfallout

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Liked on YouTube: HALLOWEEN 🎃 Oldies music playing in another room and it’s raining (w/ thunders) 👻 1 HOUR ASMR v2

HALLOWEEN 🎃 Oldies music playing in another room and it’s raining (w/ thunders) 👻 1 HOUR ASMR v2 – Best if you listen with your 🎧


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You are listening to a new and very nice effect of old fashioned music, oldies as we like calling them, (music from 20’s, 30’s, 40’s) and it is sounding like it is coming from another room with relaxing rain and thunder sounds.I hope you guys enjoy the another room effect to oldies songs – this unique combination between oldies music with relaxing rain sounds & thunder sound effects (w/ thunders) , but it’s from another room.
This one is a Special with HALLOWEEN oldies creepy and spook music 👻 Halloween creepy music 🎃 Haloween music radio, trick or treat radio, a Special video made for all of you guys.
Enjoy this 1 HOUR ASMR bliss!

Audio Mixing/Engineering and Visual Editing by: Nemo’s Dreamscapes
Animation by: Nemo’s Dreamscapes

#oldies #anotherroom #nemosdreamscapes

This works best for – sleeping – studying – vibing – chilling – relaxation – backgrounds – visualisation! oldies playing in another room but it’s raining!
HALLOWEEN 🎃 Oldies music playing in another room and it’s raining (w/ thunders) 👻 1 HOUR ASMR v2

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In the far distant future, ships have Swedish accents because they are bought at IKEA.

Written by Mattias Pilhede and Sai Cheung
(Sai: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGrJIWs0kYoqtwFgP6-SEQQ)
Illustrations by Mattias Pilhede

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Music Weaver’s Dance by Kevin MacLeod