Liked on YouTube: Obama Sings Spooky Scary Skeletons, but it’s faster, causing all skeletons that dance along to clack

Original Halloween Obama:
We wanted to drop a remix in which he’s singing on a @The Living Tombstone vibe—so this is in Bm instead of D# m. And faster clacking of skeleton bones! Featuring @Tom Scott as part of the press & CNN’s spooky reporting 🎃 (his delivery was so good that 5 cables channels probably tried hiring him after this)

#Songify #SpookySeason

October 02, 2021 at 01:02PM

I thought we had gotten rid of the mice. Turns out I might need to get some humane “take em outside” traps after all.

Sisto spotted this little guy going for his sandwich. Fortunately, his pistol is loaded with pickles to use as a condiment. I think Harold will want to keep this little guy as a pet, that’s ok, Harold knows how to share sammiches.

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Liked on YouTube: AUTUMN LAKE HOUSE AMBIENCE: Crackling Fire Sounds, Autumn Nature Sounds, Owls, Crunching Leaves

Happy autumn, everyone! Let’s celebrate the beginning of this new season by enjoying this cozy autumn lake house ambience with crackling fire sounds, autumn nature sounds, owl hoots, crows and more! I had such a blast designing the artwork for this fall scene and got to learn so many new things (like how to 3D model a lake!). So grab a blanket, pour yourself a coffee, tea or hot chocolate and tuck into your cozy spot by the lake to watch the sun set over the shimmery water.

I already asked this question on my community tab, but I’d love to know how you all celebrate the first day of autumn! Let me know in the comments below. For me, I put on a cute fall outfit and head to a coffee shop for something pumpkin-y before going for a long walk (with my fall playlist, of course!) to see the turning leaves. Then at night I’ll watch the most autumn-y movie I can find!

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