More in the “grape soda” vein. Gendrone Alliance Operative Vector Jump Production Knight. PVC Armor. Gendrone Alliance Operative. 3 3/4″ tall. Limited Edition. Onell Design Wave 67 Exclusive. 17 total parts. This is my only glyos from the Knights of the Slice school, but I understand that since it was produced directly from Onell rather than Toy Pizza, so the more esoteric accessories like the Pizza Slicer hand or capsule carrier were not a part of this build. The backpack opens to show an interior with a mold of some goodies inside. The armor kind of pressure clamps onto the shoulders, without the use of pegs, and I wonder how well they would hang on over time. I assume it will, since I got it in an open lot, and it was originally produced in 2017. Hanging out with him is the grape gobon, just lounging in horse stance or sumo leg mode. The realistic sort of sculpt is popular with many folks, but I have a very soft spot for the more whimsical, robotic or alien kind of style. I may end up passing the Vector guy along to a more appreciative collector in exchange for a Cthuloid bio-beast or a battle tribes hamburger-headed wrestler. #toypizza #kots #onelldesign #glyos #Toyphotography #glyosbuild #gendronealliance

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