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Quiz thing

* How old are you: 50
* Surgeries: several back, one exploratory for heart
* Ever hit a deer: not driving but as passenger 3 {one of those more like hit us}
* Rode in ambulance: yes
* Ice skated: yes
* Rode a motorcycle: passenger on Dad’s
* Skipped school: oh, so much high school. Sorry, mom.
* Last phone call: doctor appt
* Last text from: group via MIL,FIL, Spouse
* Pepsi or Coke? Diet Pepsi or Coke Zero, but I prefer Orange or Cream Soda
* Favorite pie: chocolate cream
* Favorite pizza: varies by place. 3 bros – eggplant parm. Mod – black olives and jalapeno, everywhere else is usually olive and onion.
* Favorite season: autumn, winter a close second
* Broken bones: collarbone, a few teeth if that counts
* Receive a ticket: yes, from a robot
* Favorite Color: orange and purple and black
* Favorite flower: not sure, but snapdragons are the first to mind
* Sunset or Sunrise: sunrise
* Tattoos: i don’t have any (yet)

Snow day!!

Updated at 8:29 AM

– Prince George’s County Public Schools- CLOSED
– Anne Arundel County Public Schools- CLOSED
– Charles County Public Schools- CLOSED
– St. Mary’s County Public Schools- CLOSED
– Calvert County Public Schools- CLOSED
– PATUXENT RIVER NAVAL AIR STATION: NAS Pax River will be open on Feb. 20, 2019 with the option for unscheduled leave, telework, or leave without pay. Critical personnel must report to work as scheduled. Check with your command for specific guidance. We will provide an update if the weather conditions deteriorate.
– DC Federal Government Offices in the DC area are CLOSED Today.
– Charles County Government- CLOSED
– St. Mary’s County Government- CLOSED
– CSM Advisory Update for Feb 20th
All CSM campuses will remain closed on Wednesday, Feb 20th based on weather conditions

What occurs to me, today now that I have a sinus infection

Scientists estimate that there are over 10,000 different species of microorganism
living on and in the average human body.

In fact, if a census of *you* were taken today, there would be fewer human cells than those of the creatures sharing your warmth right now. Every human being walking the earth is like a
person-shaped coral reef of microscopic wonder. You are a living web of life, teeming with biodiversity.