Got my foot treated

Poor ol’ cryptid-Scotto went to the podiatrist today, and long story short, no unessential walking around for 3 weeks while my left hoof heals up. Nothing serious, just a boo-boo that is poorly placed and needs time to heal. Weirdly coincidence that I had to patch a tire on our car, after it ran over a nail and developed a slow leak.

Upside of being parked on the couch, I am getting good snuggles from Pearl (see previous entry), and I discovered a nifty filter in PicsArt that can make my doodles into “toys”. (See second image)

Downside of today, I wasn’t comfortable going to get ice cream with @maximillian_deersteak tonight, and meeting some of her colleagues in a socially distanced yum fest.

Unrelated, screw Unity and the per install nonsense. So much for developing freeware using it, and so many other problems. Talk to devs before making policy, you dunces. This could bankrupt so many small developers.

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