February 23, 2022 at 02:29PM

Social isolation day #712

Tiny squirrel extreme close up! Paws seem a bit big, maybe fisheye effect, maybe puppy “grow into them feet” effect?

Unrelated , I am grossly disappointed. I thought I saw a flash of red, silver and blue painted rocks in the wall barricade area in the parking lot, so I pulled in, and it ended up just being beer can litter.

I really miss the trend of painted rock random art. It had a great run for about two years, but has since pretty much petered out in this neck of the woods.

This was at the local Ledo Pizza, where lots of folks were having lunch indoors with no masks. I needn’t share how I feel about that.

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https://bit.ly/3t1fG9Q https://bit.ly/3IhQRN4 https://instagr.am/tv/CaVN6-6lptk/

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