CVS, you are a problem.

I just got back from my local CVS. I couldn’t refill my Rx because they were “All out of this type of medication until next month. If you want, you can try again in August.”

This isn’t an insurance limitation, at least not on my end. I can take the scrip to another drugstore and get it filled there (if they don’t have the same situation, I guess) Apparently, they are ok just turning people away trying to get meds.

What the hell? I have to wait a week and a half to get meds that I should have today. (I could even understand having to wait until tomorrow to have it shipped, if they ran out)

These guys have been problem before, for other reasons, and we went to this CVS because the other one up the street was problematic to the point of me giving them the nickname of “clown shoes”.

Before that, the pharmacy at Safeway frequently made errors like giving bad medicine counts or the wrong bag to me.

I am currently trying to decide what to do with this Rx. Maybe it is time to try my local Harris Teeter Pharmacy.