Let’s see how birds of prey is

Birds of Prey Stream of thought while viewed. Spoilers

I am the only one in the theater. (1110 movie on a Wednesday )

Correction – 2 more additions to audience 10 min onto movie. One neckbeard laughs at too many jokes s little too loudly.


Live action Mulan preview looks better than most Disney animation remakes, martial arts helps.

Fast and Furious 9 preview has a cool bat-turn in it.

New James Bond No time to Die looks more politically correct but action packed

Quiet place 2 looks jump scary but dumb

— movie

Starts with animated origin of harley Quinn, accent is meh.

Only one hyena?

A lot of foul language. Way too much foul language. A lot of sexual assault.


Harely Quinn – Not as hypersexualised as suicide squad, cool caution tape sleeves . First death was killing a sexual harassment creep. I share her appreciation for a good sammich. I Like glitter beanbag guns. I did like the impound fight. Voted for Bernie

Renee Montoya – good exposition choice , ex is a dolt, (Ali wong is wasted) Rosie Perez good choice.

Victor Zsasz – black masks boyfriend?

Huntress – would have been better if movie highlighted her I think, but wouldn’t have the HQ draw. MEW was well chosen. Costume needs work. Star lord gag fell flat.

Black Mask – nice extra evil to make HQ look less sinister. Shrunken head “Look at his little ears!” Botox, guyliner, probably vapes.

Cassaandra kane – batgirl? Pickpocket, nod to mute,

30k diamond?

No oracle / babs?

Black canary – used as a singer at black mask club. Nasty hair, interesting variation on fishnet look. Nice jag, martial arts not bad, but she should be better than HQ’s non baseball bat/mallet stuff. earth 2 daughter? Disco

Musical fugue was pointless, thankfully short

Captain boomerang wanted Peter cameo

So, where was Batman during this?

Frieda Kahlo assassin.

Same tweety cartoon on the tube at hq home


Bruce the hyena blown up?

Abandoned joker hideout

3 meetup at 80ish minutes

“Protect the kid” fight could have been shot a lot better. Fun set.

Hair tie?

Don’t know why canary didn’t use her voice sooner

Good skate stunts

Choreography all over the place good to bad.

How long does laxative take to work anyhow? 0 second darts, but lax takes ? Referenced. Fair.

Founders Pier – is that founders island, riddler trophy?

After credits – gag is not bad. Again, better edit would have improved execution.

5 random assumptions made about me

5 random and incorrect assumptions made about me (at the the time) by strangers and coworkers –

“Hey man, where’d you do your time?” (coworker in Florida, back when I had long hair)

“Where can I buy some pot?” (different coworker in Florida, same situation, back when pot was a bit more illegal, in the 90s)

“How do you get two girls to sleep with you at the same time?” (stranger at a party. I thought it was the opening to a joke, he thought I was dating both of the girls I went with)

“You’re a Republican, right?”
(I have gotten this a lot, since I am an overweight white guy)

“What team did you play for?” (NFL charity I was doing tech support for)