10,068- Tuesday

Farewell, Christmas tree! You are now out by the side of the road for bulk pickup. Started off slow today, with a workout and Craig Ferguson talking about the NBC lineup issues.

BHK and I dragged the tree outside, while Newton and Pye watched… Pye made a break for it three or four times, I finally locked ‘em both up in the office while the door was opening and closing so much. Pye’s big ol’ snowshoe feet are perfect for the powder in our front yard.

Spent some time tonight trying to recover BHK laptop, reseated the ram… next is to take out the battery and power supply overnight, and see if the emptied charge will come back in the morning.

Watched Fanboys and Extract for our pizza-night in the loft… more fun just spending time together than the movies themselves. 🙂

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