Ok, revised launch times again. Gives me ten more minutes of rest.

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Bad Toon Rising is a collection of drawings of well-known cartoon characters produced by amateur artists entirely from memory and without any reference materials whatsoever. (via boing boing)

An International Catalogue of Superheroes: The purpose of this site is to build up a database of information about various superhero characters from around the world. For decades American comics, and especially those from two prolific publishing houses, have dominated if not the market, then certainly the public’s perception of it. There are few people in the world that would not recognize Superman, Batman, Spider-Man or the X-Men, and there are hundreds of websites devoted to those characters. That is not the focus of this site.

Woo! From the Vampire game “You are sire to 16 other vampires, including: LdySaphyre (6072 pints), Liliana (2285 pints), MissV (1794 pints), mixedresults (1246 pints), gilbella (1043 pints), Sierina (180 pints), Soul Harvester (25 pints), Morgoth (18 pints), bloodytears666 (17 pints), renwick (6 pints)” I wish it gave me an option to view full lineage.

Sjohn’s Font of the month – Invader Candy

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