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Liked on YouTube: Richard Ayoade delivers a hilarious opening speech at the 2022 Virgin Media BAFTA TV Awards

Host Richard Ayoade kicks off the 2022 Virgin Media BAFTA TV Awards with a hilarious speech.

Discover more from the ceremony: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLby-UMvsblGZhrfwDmx9SQg2mZg_pMJ60


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Liked on YouTube: The Rockford Files Gag Reel

This is a tribute to the cast and crew of the “Rockford Files” TV series. During the last and final season 6 (1979 – 1980) we had a wrap party, and this is the video I edited to share at the party. Being a film/video editor, it was a pleasure to be part of the crew in those fun days working directly for Jim Garner, a true talent and nice guy. If you didn’t know the next shot to cut to, you could always cut to him for a great reaction, always pure gold! The voice overs in the sound track were that of producer/writers Steve Cannell, David Chase, Juanita Bartlett, and Chas. Floyd Johnson. I was the voice that took the wrath of Jack Klugman when he found the narration had already been done by Dennis Weaver (gag).

Liked on YouTube: A Life on Screen: Michael Palin BBC Documentary 2018

In this documentary, Michael Palin tells the story behind his success, after being honoured with a special award at the Baftas in 2013. With an outstanding career in television and film, this special delves into the archives to showcase some of Michael’s incredible work, featuring an in-depth interview with the man himself.

From his early days with writing partner Terry Jones to changing the face of British comedy with Monty Python, Michael has gone from strength to strength. His career encompasses award-winning drama such as Alan Bleasdale’s GBH, the hugely successful feature film A Fish Called Wanda and critically acclaimed travelogues, which attracted unprecedented TV audiences.

Including interviews from people who helped shape Michael’s glittering career, such as John Cleese, David Jason, Connie Booth, Armando Iannucci and Clem Vallance (producer of travelogues).

Liked on YouTube: Star Wars Black Series Jaxxon Marvel Comics Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary Hasbro Action Figure Review

Shipping now from GameStop: https://bit.ly/32VyFps

I didn’t plan on getting the Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary Marvel Comics Jaxxon so early, but when it arrived in the mail from GameStop I knew I couldn’t wait for the rest of the wave. Jax is just too cool to not rip right into.

00:00 Intro
00:49 Package
02:02 Unboxing
02:08 Reuse and Reference
03:40 New Pieces and Parts
05:39 Colors and Paints
06:15 Articulation and…Articulation
07:16 Accessories
07:56 Size and Comparisons
08:46 Thoughts
10:32 Outro

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Liked on YouTube: Why We Must Keep Abortion Safe, Legal, and Accessible

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