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9429 – Thursday – 9/11

BHK made some yummy stroganoff noodles with pseudo-meat patties… really tasty and delicious, though I’m still totally gaga about the shepherd’s pie.

Took it easy tonight – I found out that Amy won’t be here until Monday or so, due to her mom having some health issues – nothing new, and I think her mom will be OK. I hope Amy’s feeling all right when she gets here, too.

Not much mention of today’s historical significance at the office, and in town short of seeing more American flags here and there. Radio and TV however had it going constantly. Folks seem to forget the pentagon side of things, with the towers filling up the majority of memory.

Don Gorske of has eaten 23,000 Big Macs over the past 36 years. Wow! That’s got to be at least a two or three pounds of meat, total.

Meme of the moment:

::three joys::

  • when work is productive
  • down time
  • waking up next to bhk with newton and pye in the bed

::three fears::


  • accidentally hurting others
  • failing myself and others
  • dangerously predatory animals, including people

::three current obsessions::

  • Immediate Family
  • Games (both Electronic and tabletop)
  • Middleman TV show

::three surprising facts::

  • I am in the habit of anthropomorphising just about everything I see (at least in my head)
  • I am not as nice as I seem, but I think I’m still a nicer guy than most
  • Gorillas use tools! (It was a surprise to me!)

Thursday: Partly sunny, with a high near 76. East wind around 10 mph.

Thursday Night: Partly cloudy, with a low around 63. South wind between 7 and 13 mph.

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from ‘s journal.

Alert — Scammers target World Trade Center Relief
Scambusters.org and several news sites have received alerts that there are scammers out there promoting sites that are
supposedly for relief organizations (or promising to donate money from sales of product.) Please pass the word to your less
technically adept friends not to fall for it. This is a list of OFFICIAL sites for monetary assistance.

http://www.unitedway.org/ — NOTE: This has a DIRECT link to the New York City United Way, where you can directly
contribute to the September 11th fund.


Let’s fight disinformation and greed with the truth.

Waving the flag.

If you don’t like it in the US… and you currently live here, here’s another freedom open to you.

Leave. Hit the fricking road. Take a bite of a reality sandwich. See what life is like elsewhere.

Go Live in China for a year, see how wonderful life is there. Go to Afghanistan, and tell them you’re an American, and see how well you get by telling them that you renounce our ways. Heck, spend some time in Germany or England, and try to get ahold of some of the “wrong” kind of literature.

I celebrate your freedom to an opinion, though I may deplore your ignorance and willful stupidity. I’d appreciate it if you thought before you started bitching about the way things are here. Vote, gather a petition, organize peaceably. If you have a problem, you can write your congressman, your local newspaper. Lay out exactly what your problems are, find folks of a similar mind, and do something about it.

Seriously. If you have a problem with the way things are here, at least you can make a difference. For such a young country, I think we’ve on the whole done a lot more good than bad. I think we’ve contributed far more positively than negatively to culture, society, technology and medicine than any other country on the planet for the last 200 years. This place is still a land of innovation and exceptional tolerance, especially compared to the entirety of the globe.

US life is probably some of the highest quality of life you can find, and that’s coming from someone who’s been homeless. There are problems with every system, but I feel that the one we have in place now is the best available. With the help of my nation and her citizens, I’m able to eat, sleep indoors, in a bed, love who I choose, travel freely, buy whatever books I like, work at a competitive wage, and help folks that don’t have it so well to get back on their feet.

Tell me that you think we deserve most of the hate that we get, because of the country we live in… well… I’m sorry, but you’re a fucking idiot.

I’m near the FT lauderdale Int’l airport.

Not a bird or plane in the sky…not even the goodyear blimp. very strange. almost unreal.

side note – it’s a tribute to the new servers that LJ can handle this workload…or is everyone on news sites instead?