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Man Shot in Anacostia Metro Station

Metro confirmed a shooting in the Anacostia station on the Green Line, Adam Tuss reported.

Trains are single-tracking between Congress Heights and Navy Yard around the Anacostia station. There are delays in both directions.

One man was shot in the neck, News4’s Mark Segraves reported. He is conscious and breathing, Metro said.

Medics are at the scene.

No suspect is custody.

Stay with News4 and NBCWashington.com for updates.

yikes – that’s where I get on when I commute with SM.
update –

#10,814 – Thursday

Heading home a little early tonight – a few inches of snow, and I’d rather get home on my own in a more safe and sane ride. Since I left a little bit after 4:30, I should be home by 6:45 or so.

Hopped the Silver Spring red line to Fort Totten – Green line to the 904 line home.

Maybe we’ll do a little distribution of fairy lights tonight? BHK got most of the holiday shopping covered… I’m impressed!

Applied for Starship Captain at Looney Labs… My profile, if you care to look! Not much there yet. More to follow when I can post from a comfortable chair at home.

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10,813 – Wednesday

Happy Midweek and Midmonth, Dear Journal. Another day, another 2¢.

Glad to be on the rails home.  I’m chilly and tired, happy to be snuggled up in my homemade scarf. I’m feeling pretty good, though I am more than a little hungry… ready for dinner, for sure.

I was chasing phantoms much of the day today – phone meetings, web searches and inventory taking up the bulk of it. All of it useful, but very time-consuming.  I’ve got more than a few meetings tomorrow morning, too – I have one user that is very itchy to get his version software in place – I get to teach him about repositories and more to the point, branching/merging. Ideally, this won’t be too much of a challenge, but I need to keep things focused and helpful.

Drunk Octopus wants to fight you, but I think you’re AOK.

Drunk Octopus Wants to Fight You

Ah well.. I’m going to get back to reading my documentation – until later, dear journal!

On a semi-tangible tangent – I’ve got a feast of goodies landing on my PS3 and PC lately. Not sure when I’ll have time to play it all!

  • Beta for Little Big Planet 2
  • Beta for DC Universe Online
  • Sam & Max – Free! 🙂
  • Osmos
  • Revenge of the Titans HIB
  • Braid
  • Cortex Command

The last 4 are via the humble bundle 2 – I got one for me, and another for Shaun W as Double-win Christmas Presents – Proceeds go to charity, and we get games!

Now playing: Irving Berlin – Count Your Blessings (Instead of Sheep)

Current Location: Red line Silver Spring to Fort Totten / Green line to Suitland / Love Cube to Home

phone post monday.

a week from now, my long weekend in virginia will have come to an end… likely driving back home so I can get to work on time for tuesday. thanks, columbus… or erikson, or whoever first got here to settle in. trans-siberian asians or whatever proto-natives first roamed the banks to see boats coming to greet them.

today went pretty well, dear journal. regular length workday, a little flippin` pizza special and a lot of processes put in place.

mafia ii was fun, but I`m still really caught up in red dead redemption. zombie western coming this month has me quite enthused to continue, too.

brisk day today – rainy and in the 40s-50s.

some kids playing the fool on the other side of the train… not moldy scented today, but the conversations seem louder.

at chinatown now.. major switch from kids to hipsters.

not nearly so crowded today… but l`enfant station is still yet to come.

sleepy…perhaps a travel nap will keep me wakeful for dinner.

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9091 – Monday

It started with a foggy Monday morning. (sakes, that’s even weaker than “It was a dark and stormy night.”) Sleepy start, but a little nap on the train into work gave me a little jump start. Warmer lately… upper 40s, with very little wind.

Work progressed evenly, though there is plenty to do. The holiday cookie competition was launched in the break room – 4 entries this year. A white chocolate / cranberry drop, pecan bar with milk chocolate, an oatmeal-type square, and a rum ball sort of cookie…. I’m torn, because they’re all good stuff. I think that I’ll end up voting for #2 or #3… another sampling tomorrow will help me to decide. 😉

Lunch was leftover ziti and veggies from last night’s din-din… it was yummy – garlic is a wonderful thing.

Heading home was a bit pokey, due to a delay on the green line… a person was hit by a train at Fort Meade, home of the NSA. My imagination makes me wonder if it’s a spy or dark ops guy running away from the men in black. Some mastermind making off with the keyword list from ECHELON, no doubt. We have a couple of those radomes in North Beach/Chesapeake Beach, come to think of it.

Why yes, I did run a little program on the above for wiki-links. That’s sort of distracting… I doubt that I’ll do that as regularly again. I’m a little goggle-eyed just looking at all of the possible snap link-bubbles there.

Got home, and snacked on Cheese crackers while watching Gossip Girl with BHK. I’m not sure when the episode was made, but it sure has a writer’s strike feel to it… Dixie from Brisco County has aged a lot better than Bruce Campbell. Then again, he’s ten years older than her. Speaking of which… I really dug Burn Notice – Fresher to me than House… presses all the right buttons for me.

After a snack, we finally got to see Transformers, despite all the warnings against it. I tend to agree, that it was really cornball and kind of dumb, but it had a couple of fun bits. I wouldn’t have walked out of the theater, but I might have complained about paying $10 to see it. Good for a no-brainer netflix night. Not worth seeing more than once. Speaking of flicks, I’m looking forward to seeing Machine Girl (note, blood-spray violence in the trailer – flying guillotine, drill bra, machine gun arm, and tempura / sushi trauma.)

BHK brought home two more game rentals… tried out one, Geometry Wars. Fun, but tough… very retro feel due to the vector graphics and asteroids / omega race vibe. Not a lot to it, but the controls are pretty nifty, and multi-player has some real bite to it.

Overall, we had a relaxing night – still no lights on the tree, but that’s where we were last year, too. Tomorrow, I think that there’s a strong possibility of putting a few more items up… our little outdoor teak tree has some all-weather lights on, and it looks terribly cute. Photos are going to have to follow soon.

As it is, I’m up too late! A quick link, and I’m off to bedski.

via flying_blind – (also responsible for pointing me to this keen transit site back a bit ago)

Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project. It’s goatloads of old Edison cylinder recordings, some downloadable, plus a selection of them can be streamed while your browse. And yes, they have “Yes We Have No Bananas”, as recorded in 1923 by the Green Bros. Novelty Band. What more could one ask of any website?”

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8943 – Thursday

Emily arrived safe and sound about an hour ago… she’s all tucked in – BHK and I will be turning in for the night shortly, too. Until tomorrow, dear journal, here’s some stuff.


The Red Line has resumed normal service after a suspicious package closed the Dupont Circle, Woodley Park, and Cleveland Park stations for several hours.

Metro Transit Police bomb technicians X-rayed the box, then safely disrupted it with a water cannon. The box contained paper and cardboard. The train was taken to a nearby rail yard for further investigation.

Sad to hear that Dresden Files was canned – I was digging it. It didn’t look like it was too expensive to produce, but who knows what was going on under the hood.

Ah, well… The nice thing about one less good tv show is that it’s one less tv show, period. More time for me to focus on other things.

Found this on the Icehouse list –

A new video of SLorpedo: The Mixed Reality Game Of
Naval Warfare is here:


SLorpedo is a mixed reality version of the icehouse
game torpedo played in both real life and Second Life.

The new video shows real life footage of the
installation, a video of SLorpedo footage captured in
Second Life is here:


Mixing Icehouse and Second Life? I’m lucky that I’ve got BHK and the lads to intervene or I’d be wasting hours fiddling with that. (If it were 2 years or so ago, I’d probably be in there right now, working on the code and looking at what was what.) I haven’t tried Regular ol’ Torpedo yet, but it looks like fun.

Speaking of Doodles (last entry) and Pyramids, here are some more random doodles drawn on the bus. I’m fiddling wit hthe idea of a multi-tiered gameboard – some standard chase-game variant like monopoly or sorry, with different abilities or events on each level. also thinking about a Rock/Paper/Scissors element to the nests/trees, as far as landing and capture are concerned – big beats middle, middle beats little, little beats big. I’d like to finish it in time for this year’s Ice Game Design Competition, but I doubt I’ll make it. Maybe next year!

pyra doodle

Heck, have a recent Newtcam pic, too, dear journal!

Allez-oop! He was playing while BHK and Pye napped.


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