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#10,814 – Thursday

Heading home a little early tonight – a few inches of snow, and I’d rather get home on my own in a more safe and sane ride. Since I left a little bit after 4:30, I should be home by 6:45 or so.

Hopped the Silver Spring red line to Fort Totten – Green line to the 904 line home.

Maybe we’ll do a little distribution of fairy lights tonight? BHK got most of the holiday shopping covered… I’m impressed!

Applied for Starship Captain at Looney Labs… My profile, if you care to look! Not much there yet. More to follow when I can post from a comfortable chair at home.

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10477 – Sunday

So, It’s August! Took some walkies up to the bay with BHK… was a little underwhelmed by Blondies beachwich – the service was superb, but the red velvet cupcake and the peanut butter cookie were both bleh.

I feel like a were-gator, all sleepy and a bit grumpy.< ?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = [default] http://purl.org/atom/ns# NS = "http://purl.org/atom/ns#" />

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pic recap of New Years day Entry # 10,060

Mostly photos from the polar bear plunge, but some gaming (Valley of the mammoth – warning, cartoon nudity) and Hap-pye New(t) year!

Additional caution – if looked at too closely, you may see Scotto’s hair front and or back.

MVI_1951  IMG_2023  IMG_2018  IMG_2017  IMG_2015  IMG_2014  IMG_2013  IMG_2006  IMG_2005  IMG_2004  IMG_2003  IMG_2002   IMG_1998  IMG_1997  IMG_1996  IMG_1995  IMG_1994  IMG_1993  IMG_1993  IMG_1992  IMG_1991  IMG_1990  IMG_1989  IMG_1988  IMG_1987  IMG_1986  IMG_1985  IMG_1984  IMG_1983  IMG_1982  IMG_1981  IMG_1980  IMG_1979  IMG_1978  IMG_1977  IMG_1976  IMG_1975  [1] 010110, 100CANON, 4 images, IMG_1973 - IMG_2001 - 7485x3172 - SCUL-Smartblend  IMG_1973  [1] 010110, 100CANON, 6 images, IMG_1972 - Christmas 2009 028 - 5041x3725 - SCUL-Smartblend  IMG_1972  IMG_1967  IMG_1966  IMG_1966  IMG_1965  [1] 010110, 100CANON, 3 images, IMG_1964 - IMG_1967 - 4734x2716 - SCUL-Smartblend  IMG_1964  IMG_1963  IMG_1962  IMG_1953  IMG_1950  IMG_1949  S6305655  IMG_1930  IMG_1925  IMG_1921  0101000006.jpg

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10,059 – panorama gone haywire!

when automatic panorama photos go bad… I’m a hovering decapitated head!

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IMG_1953, originally uploaded by scottobear.

polar bear swim, before – note shaun’s borrowing bhk’s pink crocs.

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9833 – Fire kept us awake at bedtime –

BHK and I were just going to bed last night (at about 1am) and we heard what we thought was a car alarm – BHK at first thought it was the love cube. After checking, it turned out to be a car horn. A moment later, we heard an explosion – BHK asked me if it was a gunshot – I thought it was a transformer blowing up – Then the  fire trucks and police started up the road. As it turns out, a company vehicle caught fire a few doors down. The first two pictures below are compliments of the North Beach fire Department, the last is Newtcam during the first firetruck to go by – nice way to get a time stamp, I guess. (Chris next door forwarded me the article)

After that, BHK and I were up for a few hours, unable to sleep through the excitement – a police car called out to the lookie-loos to return to their residences – I tuned in to the Police/ Fire scanner for SOMD while BHK looked outside at the billowing smoke.

203756 . 203757_ . newtcam (9)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009



let’s see now –

Recapping –

Got my 401k comp check from my last gig – That worked out well. I told a little fib to BHk, and said that I expected about $500, and we got about eight times that amount. (I was planning for about six times.)

Went to Annapolis and promptly deposited that little windfall in the bank – then stopped off at the Amish Farmer’s Market for breakfast. BHK and I split two – ate half and then swapped Chocolate Chip Pancakes, home fries, cheddar cheese omelet, wheat toast – I let BHK eat up all of the bacon, of course.

Opted out of going to a movie – nothing we want to see just this moment.. maybe next week when it’s less crowded.  We did get a few other goodies at the farmer’s market – cheese, strawberries, trinket’s for our 4’th of July cake (gummy stars and confetti sprinkles), a blueberry fritter for me for tomorrow’s breakfast (or tonight’s midnight snack)

BHK remembered that I was due for shots (skipped when em was here) and we went there for a bit. Adam called, and mentioned that he was coming down for the 3rd’s fireworks, an was bringing Anna – so, it was a quick trip to the grocery to be sure he had a full belly.

I was feeling pretty out of it at that point, so I rested in the car. Going to nap now that we’re home. sweet dreams, dear journal.

added for no reason, except that I like Em and Otters – S6303931