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Friday – 10203

doodle - 4/16/10

Had the in-laws over for supper – cooked hot dogs (meat for everyone but me, veggie dogs for myself.)

Finally got the taxes out of the way – there was an issue with last year’s digital signature – fortunately, it’s now a pretty well known issue with the IRS – if you didn’t file before a certain time, just make your AGI 0 rather than what was actually made, and it’ll pass through with no problem.

Neighbor Chris looks to be mending ok – I have been wanting to spend more time with him – hopefully he’s getting as much rest as possible – I know how mending from back surgery can be.

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10,144 – Saturday

 make a note to to go back to *REAL* writing, dang it

finished sarah vowell’s book – partly cloudy patriot – good stuff

went to third eye – picked up batman(me), tank girl (bhk), archie (bhk)

lunch with nailles – ruby tuesday – pretty tasty!  too many steps at the mall – back got roughed up a bit

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10,111 – Monday

Happy President’s Day! Happy Belated Year of the Tiger (GO NEWT!)  Happy Belated Valentines Day!

Recapping yesterday:

valentines breakfast at bob evans w/ nailles – it was tasty, but I think my order was the only one that wasn’t goofed in some way.

Sean came over for a moment – brought us popcorn and a movie to watch!

The picture I took of my footprint in the snow looks weirdly inverted when viewed small.

BHK officially got her Vallies Day Gifts – a couple of handmade cards, a hat made of llama yarn (black, with knitted pictures of bunnies and weather on it. ), a llama pin made from fimo, and Style Savvy for the DS. If you want to visit her pretend-play fashion store, it’s in Velvet City at the Chiffon Mall, Floor 16 – Green La .  Buy lots of goodies , dear journal!

Speaking of goodies, I now have Little Big Planet (game of the year edition) for my ps3. Looking to game with me, dear journal? look me up as scottobear in the ps3 community.

I got new pair of Jeans for Valentines day from the in-laws – nicely timed, as one of my old pair of chinos tore about an hour before. Larry and Chris had Ice cream and cake for Chris’s B’day, and we lounged about and watched some of the olympics.

So far today, all I’ve done is look for work, update my journal, and notice that my beard is just about all grown out, thanks to the recent snow.

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10102 – Monday

BHK and I went on a little walkabout to pick up the mail and stretch our legs – hit the boardwalk where someone put together a nifty, albeit a bootylicious snowman – snow was piled up from the plows in the back area parking lot to about 8-10 feet.


0208001525.jpg  downsized_0208001529.jpg  0208001523.jpg

Walkies were fun, though I was more than a little sore afterward. Some stretching and a heating pad is putting me right.

Chris & Mandy came over for some supper – Taco salad (real meat for them, pseudo-meat for BHK and me) It was tasty, but poor Chris was knocked out from his weekend of meteorology – and he’s likely going back to DC tomorrow for a few days at a hotel – expecting 10 to 25 inches feet more of snow tomorrow afternoon into the evening.

BHK looks like she’s going to hit the sack early, and I think I’ll join her, once I’m sure the phones are charged and the doors are locked, although, it’s very unlikely anyone’s coming in through the back door – there’s still a couple of feet of snow on the deck.

Amy got a DS, though her sister is apparently fond of making off with it- I want to set her and BHK both up with Acekard2 and a good collection of homebrew software.

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10,088 – Monday

Mandy has a snow day, so she, BHK and I went to the  thrift store by St Andrews- here is what loot we picked up.

  • a big bag of gray/white astronaut/ moon men!
  • orange/green flannel plaid shirt
  • bhk dress pants (plaid)
  • larry -heavy shirt with a deer applique
  • apples to apples jr and a big ol’ stack of MTG cards

After about an hour, it got too crowdy for me, so I ran to the car and played on the DS while the girls shopped.

Moonmen pic!

I’m not feeling the covet for the iPad, despite it maybe a good device for boardgames. No GPS? No Flash? meh. I do like the non-flash version of youtube, though. (youtube.com/html5)

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10,085 – Friday

Pizza with the Nailles – homemade from the supermarket! Yum! Watched a little hockey, played a little wii sports resort, and some Mario Galaxy.

add me to your wii, dear journal! 2667-2084-2657-3823, and let me know yours! wii uno is a fave here, too.


Side note, found my truck the hulk at the old blue house on Google maps

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10,071 – Friday the 15th.

terribly sick – probably shouldn’t have gone out and about yesterday – I’m really gravelly and wiped out. Probably won’t go over to the Naille’s for game night this evening. sore throat, sore joints, high fatigue.

The upside is that I’m  enjoying Colors! on the DS and streaming old-school radio and tv detective shows.

having a bad hair day – what happens when you spend the day sick in bed. I feel like a hood ornament.

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10,066 – Sunday – Happy birthday, Kat!

Brunch with BHK, In-laws, Adam, Dave Nelson, and Rorey – Adam made a heart-shaped biscuit for anna, who was absent (Adam is going to VA this afternoon to settle some court issues there)


No Snow today, but the bay is still nicely iced!


Visited Nailles a bit, chitty-chatted for a while

Big Kahuna when we got home – nearly to the end by now – our zoo animals haven’t given birth yet.

New fondness for the IT crowd TV show – nice mindless foolishness, with some of the boosh gang hanging about, too.

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10,065 – Saturday

Pictures from Wilton’s Birthday Party in Deerfield –

Fwd: Wilton on his B'day with pals..  Fwd: Wilton on his B'day with pals.. 

Broke frivolous spending fast when we went out to breakfast with the Nailles at "Eggcelence" whoops! I guess we’ll restart soon.

Went to Best Buy to look at the TV Chris bought

boom blox party and M&M sports with the Nailles – below is BHK racing her kayak!

0109001932.jpg  0109001933.jpg

Lego Star wars at home once we returned – played until the wee hours.

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