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Merry Christmas Eve-Eve!

Went to Matt’s place for gingerbread decoration with Tina, Cookie, and assorted other folks.


BHK got most creative, for her Day of the Dead Skull on an upside-down snowman.

Batman was also pretty spiffy, too.

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9464 – Wednesday

Still feeling a smidgen overtired and generally weary.

I think it’s just been from all the hubbub at work and family-wise. I think being stressed about the bro has given me some clenched muscles and attitude issues, which I am trying to work with, too.

BHK made some awesome quiche for supper… I know how spoiled I am. Two types – broccoli and cheddar, and soy-sausage with mozzarella. Sides of potato cakes, and more broccoli & cheese.

Comfort food for a cool temperature evening. Good stuff.

I’m going back to my 8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1 year ago archives soon – maybe this entry. I’ve been terribly lax about entries.. just been too busy.. or too tired from being too busy to write much.

Watched the first installment of Feasting on Waves. Alton Brown has a good gig going for him… getting his company to send him sailing around the Caribbean, sampling food and just taking in the life there.

doing archive now, reminded me that I got a flu shot again this year, last Saturday, along with allergy shots… and we saw Tina and Matt on the Boardwalk this time last year, too! When I mention getting a flu shot to people, most seem to say "Oh, I don’t do that" like it’s something terrible. I don’t know… they seem to work for me.

I’ll include more pictures from the ghost walk, corn maze and other goodies sooner or later – they’re all at my flickr account already – just a matter of putting them here.

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9426 – Monday

I left work a bit late due to meeting, but from there BHK and I went to University of Maryland to hang out a bit before heading home.

Chili with Matt, Adam and BHK at Hard Times – drove around college park, visited his dorm, and BHK put a C**k-block on Adam vs Sarah our server by telling her he had a facebook and liked her, Saw the Kermit  / Jim Henson statue,  lots of squirrels, and tons of college kids going from place to place.

Interesting to revisit that sort of hive after being out of it for so long.

The Chili mac superior to Frito pie.. but I suspect they didn’t put the Frito pie in the properly sized bowl. If it had been in my mac bowl, it’d have been more than sufficient.

Chris passed the PMP exam – we’ll have to take her out to supper for that! (studied for it all week.)

Roller Derby episode of Psych and BHK fell asleep mid-view – good day overall.  Tomorrow is a busy day – g’nite for now, dear journal!


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9347 Friday – July 4

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rq2_YKQGE_U Since we saw the fireworks on the bay yesterday (fireworks at beaches are staggered – different cities do them on different days so you can attend them all week and weekend long), we did our own today. Matt and Tina came back over, as did Chris and Larry.

Matt helped me quite a bit with the grill and lighting of the pyrotechnics. We ate leftovers from the 3rd, still plenty of burgers, corn, and mac&cheese for the eating!

Not much aside form that, dear journal!

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9346 – 3rd of July

Alan, JC, Denise, Tina, Matt, Chris, Larry – visited briefly by Adam, Joey, Jimmy, Amanda and Adam’s School roommate next year (Mike? – No, Matt!) whose name I forget.

Special Guest was Chae-pooch! 10 year old chihuahua, looks like a little doll, but is feisty!


Fireworks were excellent – not as crowded as we expected.

Lunch at Tina’s was good, despite the lateness – we can be a collective of procrastination… fortunately it is a known variable.

BHK has learned about expelling anal ducts in dogs… her desire for a puppy isn’t as great as it was.. but that only redoubles the want for ducks, llamas and more kitties.

A good time was had by all.

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9299 – Saturday

Had a lovely time shopping for Alan’s b’day present wrapping after my standard morning’s shots. Got a haircut (contrary to photo, I don’t plan on gelling it into a faux-hawk regularly), Lunched at Ledo’s, but I think the stop off at *$ for a little coffee drink took gave BHK a bit of sourbelly, so we headed home, napped and listened to the gumball-sized hail fall unexpectedly from the sky. (There were also tornado warnings, but no sign of that.)

The weather eased while we waited for the in-laws to get ready for the party… we were aiming for a launch time of about 5pm, and we left circa 6:40. Fortunately, we took Chris’s eternal case of time dilation into account, so we got there only about 10 minutes late.

Alan’s party was nice – quite a diverse group of people there, drunks and non-drunks – I finally got to meet JC and Mamacita, but Mamacita didn’t bring her Chihuahua with – maybe next time. I’d say the little house had about 50 people in it at prime time – they hired a doorman, bartender, and a few waiters – but it was a truly casual and pleasant outing… not a lot of seating, but standing wasn’t bad, thanks to my epidural earlier in the week.

He didn’t open his goodies – his true b’day is Sunday… I imagine he’ll like the blooming tea.

Tina and Matt were there – looks like Matt’s losing some weight – Good for him!

Interesting stuff. -(to me, anyhow) Built-in command line windows security tools.

RIP – Bill Elder.

for a quick minute of fun – played in browser. –Robokill.

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9096 – sat –

Today seemed both brief and extended at the same time, somehow.

Took off early this morning to snag a few allergy shots, and then we swung by Maerten’s to check out plans for BHK’s ring. I was going to have it be a surprise, but when design considerations came up, I opted for her input… she’s the one that’ll be wearing it after all.

I wonder how many people buy an engagement ring for their spouse, 14 months after the wedding day?

We hashed out a few designs with Heather, and I think that the one that was finalized will be lovely. I’m looking forward to the CAD images sometime this week before the casting. If this one works out well, I think a Mexican Day of the Dead “skull ring” could be next on the list.

Later, we went to the local farm grocer, grabbed lunch and a broad assortment of candy-type stuff to put in X-mas stockings.

The chocolate drops intended for Larry were not destined to survive.

They were, however, delicious. He’ll get other candy, love it and never be the wiser. We’re not bad people.

The in-laws had a little trouble finding the train store, so we met with them for a little bit… Larry and I talked trains while BHK and Chris went to the kids bookstore and got a little treat or two for Em and maybe Bugah.

We parted company – BHK got a flash of brilliance – and we stopped and got the final piece of Chris’s prezzie…. not mentioned in case she’s reading this. (I don’t think she is, but better safe than sorry.)

Following that, we hit our favorite friendly neighborhood gaming store, Aardvark’s – got some goodies for Louise, Cathy and Dave. Added bonus, Mike gave us the Fluxx Party pack and a Larry the Zombie to go with our Looney Labs purchases. Score! I’ve been wanting a radioactive potato, and now we have two! (Larry {the card, not the father-in-law} is the zombie equivalent.)

I think we’ve got everyone covered for presents except for Adam and Matt. That shouldn’t be too traumatic.

I ran out of juice by the end of the day… not sure where all my energy went, unless it was the sugar blues post about 1000 chocolate drops.

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