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9418 – Tuesday

So… a nice little reprieve from Gustav for New Orleans. I hope everyone (Louisiana, Florida, and everywhere else) continues to dodge Hanna, Ike and Josephine. Note 3 years ago today, below.

The DNC homepage makes no mention of John McCain. The RNC page has a ton of attacks on Obama and Biden. That’s something. Not sure what, but it’s something.

BHK put me on to Disaster Dioramas – I’m partial to the Hindenburg, but I suspect that she’s more into the Titanic.

Tonight we went to Ledos, and got the greasiest white pizza ever. Tummy trouble is likely to follow. we didn’t bother keeping half of it. I hate wasting money and food – I suspect it’ll take a lot for us to return there. Got maggie moo’s as a after yuck treat – I got mint chocolate chip with chocolate sprinkles and brownie bits – BHK got carrot cake ice cream with peanut butter sauce. It was pretty good, if odd. I’ve got a love-creeped out relationship with cake-batter flavored ice cream.

Added bonus was at the photography center next door – we saw an orange kitten (about 3 mos) named Charlie playing with his humans… it was very adorable, and we got to talk to the family a bit. BHK thinks it might be time to get a portrait with the lads… though I’m not sure how well-behaved Newton would be for sit-down pictures. Pye is mellow enough, but it is a strange and new environment.

I forgot to mention that on Saturday we went to Leonardtown – skipped witch rock this time, and instead visited a few nifty bookstores – including one made from an old bar. I can’t remember the name but it was a nifty old-school mass of books just reaching back into the far back – also went back to White rabbit and got BHK a Raven Puppet to go with her Edgar Allan Poe, a yarn store (Crazy for Ewe ) with a hostess who was very nice and kept staring at BHK’s lime-vanilla ice, a model train shop and the do-dah deli… later, we went to Aardvark to pick up Pentago – BHK beat me 5-2… a sound victory indeed.

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9276 – bloody, floody monday.

Power went out last night at about midnight or thereabouts… my CPAP shut down, so I had a lovely night of snoring over poor BHK’s shoulder.

Showered and shaved in the rainy dawn-dark this morning – fortunately, I had a company polo shirt to wear, since the iron doesn’t work sans juice, either.

I wonder how the Old Order Amish feel when they hear that the “English” (non-Amish) are fretting about not having any electricity?

Worse than the lack of power was the severe flooding and high winds.

Statement as of 6:39 AM EDT on May 12, 2008

… Flood Watch remains in effect until 2 PM EDT this afternoon…

* expect moderate to heavy rain to continue through the early
morning hours. Rain will taper off from the southwest to
northeast in the afternoon. An additional one to two inches of
rain is possible.

* The heavy rain will cause streams and creeks to overflow their
banks. Also… urban areas prone to poor drainage will be
susceptible to flooding. As the water works its way into the
rivers… river flooding will be possible in the upper Potomac
and Shenandoah basins.

Now – power is back on at the house, and no more flood warning for Calvert County.

After work, went to the back doctor – much more fruitful response this time. getting my epidural, physical therapy and etc… hopefully a bit more productive than “no hope blah blah” from last one. I get my epi in about a week, a flexion exercise program, ultrasound, electrical stim, and massage.

Saw Aardvark’s Tara in her other work duds at Panera… she cleans up well! BHK and she gabbed a bit – the 2nd store is now closed primarily due to crooked employees making off with merch. Upside, that’s more time for them to be social.. maybe we’ll hang with them sometime soon! The Lusby store rocks the party that much more, too.

Ah, Virginia. You never let me down with the custom plates.

No relation to the flooding post, prior.

Two books for me to investigate library-wise. We saw ’em at the bookstore last week, and I think they’ll be better as temporary reads rather than permanent additions to our collection. I may change my mind after reading ’em.
books to investigate at the library

books to investigate at the library

Don’t Throw It Out, and Monster 1959.

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9269 – Monday

Happy Cinco de Mayo! see last year’s entry for more info on the holiday. I hope we have Mexican food for supper!  [edit – BHK made Fajitas!! delicious, but my gut wasn’t happy after a suspect lunch.]

Unrelated to my feelings on Mexican food – After Saturday’s little tummy trouble, BHK and I are considering a “best public potties in SOMD” site, unless something like that is already available. For the record – The Giant supermarket in Lusby has potties that are *very* clean and easy to access.

Hm, a quick google search brought up this. (with this being the Maryland section – no Lusby… I tried to add it and the page hung. I’ll try again from a non-phone browser when I get home from my commute.)

Picture from said commute – It looks more monday-ish than it feels.


I prefer the doodle further below.

I can’t believe I’ve been playing FPS games for over 20 years. My first multi-player LAN party experience was MIDI Maze at Sun Atari ’87, where I gunned Tom Hudson down repeatedly as an orange smiley face. (remembrance due to Wolfenstein 3D being released 16 years ago today.)

First solo FPS on the PC for me was Rise of The Triad – given to me by Kevin, Christmas of ’95, after playing the freeware beforehand, and we played Unreal Tournament in ’99 as the first regularly played FPS LAN game for about a decade after MIDI Maze.

I still have trouble with the translocator, 9 years later.

Never say “hopeless”. My prior back doctor could use a copy of this article. Thankfully, he will be retiring in the next year.

Well, officially back to the goatee – It does feel a lot less warm than the full beard. Last doodle made was on Saturday – I won’t have to draw the jawline for a bit, I guess! playing with the idea of colors mixing through transparencies. I forgot to make the white background transparent for the doodle, though.


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8835 – Sunday

On our way to the store, we drove past a nearby graveyard and region of greenery that was amazing. The photos don’t do it any justice at all, but some shots were kind of nifty, anyhow. I dig the one where we’re in motion and looking backwards from the car. (the 2nd and 3rd from the end)





Free Comic book day yesterday was extra bonus awesome at Aardvark. Free comics are even better when you can double your haul when you bring a partner with you – 4 books each! I think the winning books were the Umbrella Academy (Hellboy meets nextwave) and Charlie Brown ones. Aardvark is pretty cool… ice cream/ video / gaming / comic book store in a prime location. Friendly, knowledgeable manager/ owners, too.

We picked up a copy of Monsters Menace America for half off… I can take it off of my amazon wish list now.

Also obtained were a few packets for the Bella Sara game. Nice untapped market for card games… young girls from 5-10 years of age. We stopped at Moes for a tasty Mexican-ish lunch to open and review our cards.

Finally met Alan… I’ve heard a lot about him, and he was quite nice. I look forward to getting together with him and meeting JC in the future. We had veggie taco/ burritos for din-din.. I got a bit ill, but all and all, it was a nice night.

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