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Wednesday – 9396 –

I officially know more about Rsync than I ever thought I would. It’s a mighty handy tool.

Long story short –

rsync is written as a replacement for rcp and scp. One of the earliest applications of rsync was to implement mirroring or backup for multiple Unix clients onto a central Unix server using rsync/ssh and standard Unix accounts. With a scheduling utility such as cron, one can even schedule automated encrypted rsync-based mirroring between multiple host computers and a central server.

Currently doing a master <-> master -> offisite slave config.

Also set up a sql-based login system for both the primary and backup servers for ftp – annoying, as the backup’s mysql config is just different enough to give a man fits. in the data directory rather than usr.

Beefy mac & cheese (made with veggie-meat, of course) with the remains of the rattatouile and green beans made for good eats while BHK and I watched the Kevin Sorbo episode of Middleman. The show keeps getting better and more entertianing… I wonder how long it’ll last? I hope it’ll keep steam going for another season.

I want to start watching Dexter – BHK is about a season ahead of me. Time to put episodes on the PSP for the commute to work.

via BHK –

COOL! Reverse graffiti – where the graffiti is created by placing a stencil over a dirty patch and cleaning it to create a pattern! I like it!!!!
tons of it on FLICKR too!

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8511 – “vacation day”

About 45 minutes ago, work called and woke me up – the two machines in accounting are not talking to each other for some reason – some sort of sharing issue.

If they can’t get it to work, I may have to take the 90-minute commute all the way down there to spend two minutes reestablishing a network connection. That’d be quite annoying. We’ll see if I can walk them through it.

[edit – Ah, thank goodness. 10:49am, and I didn’t have to cruise all the way down there. back on track]

Some walkabout pictures from yesterday – Hover over the thumbnail for a title, or click to make with the bigger.

The 3-d movie yesterday was fun, as was the trip to the museum of art. Tina was nice company, too. I could eat another couple of those 3-cheese empenadas.

Last night was a delight, cooing into the wee hours of the morning with Allison until I was drifting into snoozetown. Pleasant, happy dreams followed.

Ghosts, bird flu, more giraffes, hellhounds, skulls, many stickers

Skaters at the Broward County Library. I have quite a few of these.. could make an animated icon, perhaps.

fountain geocache, RR tracks, Wrecked GPS marker by imax

Well, now that I’m officially free, I think I’ll take myself out to breakfast, and work my way to Sugar Sand Park. Have a happy one, dear journal!

Bonus – I can get to Sugar Sand via one bus from Hillsboro & Fed – 92 westbound to loggers run, once an hour at 20 past. (I’ll make it to the 12:20, no problem, but 11:20 may be over-optimistic)

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8508 – tee gee eye eff

giraffe graffiti

Giraffe graffiti on a traffic post near my old apartment – taken en route home yesterday. Aw. Giraffes!

Danny talked to Doug Wu yesterday… they’re playing telephone tag right now, but it’ll be interesting to hear what new in Dougsville. Dan’s also officially back to school now. The kids start next Monday, but he’s got meetings and classroom setup to perform this week.

Gabbed a bit with graypumpkin – It was good to chit-chat a bit. He pointed out to me that Giganta is actually more than just a hot, evil, size-changing redhead.

She’s a a hot, evil, size-changing redhead that used to be a Gorilla. How awesome is that, really? Forget Lesbian Batwoman… give me a foxy ex-ape in a leopard-ish bikini.

giganta gorilla
Yeah, baby.. that’s right.

Green WiFi is committed to providing solar powered access to global information and educational resources for developing nation K-12 school children striving for knowledge in a digitally divided world. There are approximately 3 billion people under the age of 15 living in developing nations. 42 percent of the developing world’s population is below the age of 15. Green WiFi was founded on the principle that the welfare of our world is dependent, in large part, on providing these children with free and open access to the world’s information.

Bob Ross Feeds a Squirrel

moment of lyric – windows media file

8488 – Monday, again!

I’ve got some good thoughts to buoy me through Monday Meeting!

Every day is a new challenge, but I’ve got some good ammo to combat most challenges that come my way lately.

Danny sent me the complete first season of the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman series! (The Pilot Movie, and 13 regular episodes). Very Keen. Apparently Paradise Island is in the Bermuda Triangle, according to the show…I always pictured it in Greece.

Had a nice walkabout yesterday… went to riverfront to check out the place before it gets torn down to make way for condos. Took a few snaps, met up with Tina. We had a little bite to eat at the Italian place, then saw Monster House. I quite enjoyed it, though it was a bit slow at first… and I wasn’t expecting a PG rated thing in that style. Some pretty unexpected turns, and character actions that were rather creepier than an evil house that eats people.

Post movie, we chitty-chatted and got ice cream before it was time to go – getting spoiled.. I just had a cone with Danny last Thursday.

Still haven’t seen Pirates (Movie-time conflict), and putt-putt is being saved for a day when we can get a bigger crew together.

Pictures of construction, graffiti, and etc.

8422 – Sunday morning… after a solid night’s sleep

Woke up on Saturday with a slight pinch in my back… must’ve slept a little funny the night prior… a hot shower and some stretching took care of the bulk of the problem in fairly short order.

Had a lovely day meandering about, looking for proper goodies to put in the apartment, sniffing at teak and rattan-type stuff. Saw a few things that had some potential, and a truly grotesque table that was also a drum made from zebra skin (and legs made from the hooves) which will give the more sensitive folk nightmares for weeks.

As always, we got a lot of good gab-time in, and I always enjoy a day’s worth of social-time.

After doing some legwork, we swung by Tijuana Taxi, and the food was jim-dandy. The place was basically a Mexican version of Crabby Jack’s – with better food. I’ll certainly be back. (I’ve got 2 additional good reasons to swing by there, it’s near both Danny’s house and Tina’s.) Since the refried beans were made with lard, I had the chile-cheese smashed potatoes, and they were tasty, though it took a moment to get used to the idea of mashed potatoes with a south of the border flair. I think I’ll have to get something a little lighter next time, because the veggie Chimichanga was just too much after an appetizer.

When we finished, I took the BCT home… route 2 to the West Terminal, Route 22 to Central, and Route 10 right on home. I ate so much, I was *still* feeling a bit overfed 2 hours later.

The bus ride was nice, too… the rain started to pound down, coming in sheets to the point where I couldn’t see more than 25 feet in any direction. Thankfully, the terminals are well covered against the elements. (most street stops aren’t so blessed.) By the time I got home, the streets were clean, but the skies had fairly dried up, for the final walking-leg home.

walkabout pics – found objects and stencil graffiti

hairbrush, beer and onions?mask
Hairbrush, beer and onions & Mask over archives

stairwellYou're loved
Stairwell to Tattoo place & “Relax, You’re Loved” at Chiropractor’s window

optimus prime - near minimalistar2d2
Stencil Graffiti – Optimus Prime and R2-D2

herman munsterprofile
Stencil Graffiti – Herman Munster and Face in profile

detail - keepin mullets evilgraffiti
TNT- Keepin Mullets Evil. (I’m sure that’s really hard work)

unpainted life-size pencil sketch of some skate-kid.

Current Music – Instrumental – Mp3

Because of the rotation of the earth, an object can be thrown farther if it is thrown west.

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8389 – Saturday. similar feeling as last weekend this time.

Watched Iron Giant last night, for the first time in a few years. Still as excellent as I recalled. While it played on the TV, I unpacked a few of the boxes stowed by the bookcases that needed weeding out. Found a bunch of old Legion Comics which distracted me for a bit while I put ’em in order and put them at the bottom of the linen closet, for the lack of a better temperature-controlled location. Followed up with The Swarm. (An Irwin Allen Sci-fi stinko classic featuring Michael Caine shooting bees from his eyes.)

Cleaning Lady comes by today… after she’s done, I’ll probably go walkabout for a bit, if the weather’s right. I think a walk along the beach might be in order.

Cinnamon toast for breakfast! First time I’ve made it in years… it always reminds me of being a little kid.

Best Message board icon of the moment – 2 cats playing ping pong.

Some pics from yesterday –

sticker graffiti- cookie monster
Cookie Monster Sticker Graffiti – Just kidding? On the rear exit of the Route 10.

sunrise pano 060206
Bus stop – sunrise was like a fire boiling away clouds.. rain was happening a bit to the right.

Found a number of OTR podcasts… about 8-10 hours of classic stuff every week. Songbird is pretty handy there. Sort of disappointed in Penn Gilette’s show, so I’m almost all NPR, OTR, and Prairie Home Companion… oh, Stomp Tokyo and Marc Maron’s show. Sometimes I listen to them on the ride into/from work, while reading, and I sometimes blank out what I’m listening to.

Moment of mp3 – Cake – The Distance – It reminds me of the 90s.

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