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let’s see now –

Recapping –

Got my 401k comp check from my last gig – That worked out well. I told a little fib to BHk, and said that I expected about $500, and we got about eight times that amount. (I was planning for about six times.)

Went to Annapolis and promptly deposited that little windfall in the bank – then stopped off at the Amish Farmer’s Market for breakfast. BHK and I split two – ate half and then swapped Chocolate Chip Pancakes, home fries, cheddar cheese omelet, wheat toast – I let BHK eat up all of the bacon, of course.

Opted out of going to a movie – nothing we want to see just this moment.. maybe next week when it’s less crowded.  We did get a few other goodies at the farmer’s market – cheese, strawberries, trinket’s for our 4’th of July cake (gummy stars and confetti sprinkles), a blueberry fritter for me for tomorrow’s breakfast (or tonight’s midnight snack)

BHK remembered that I was due for shots (skipped when em was here) and we went there for a bit. Adam called, and mentioned that he was coming down for the 3rd’s fireworks, an was bringing Anna – so, it was a quick trip to the grocery to be sure he had a full belly.

I was feeling pretty out of it at that point, so I rested in the car. Going to nap now that we’re home. sweet dreams, dear journal.

added for no reason, except that I like Em and Otters – S6303931

 Went over to Chris and Mandy’s for a cookout and general socializing – nice day, and the people were conversational and friendly. I missed out on the good eats because it seems that the antibiotics I’m taking don’t work well with cereal-milk – had a sourbelly all day. 

Chris and Mandy (and Sarah and James/John?) seem like really fun folks to hang with – Philomena next door looks like a wonderfull addition to the neighborhood too. maybe we can all get together for a game night sometime – or maybe a boy’s night and a gal’s night split sometime, too?

tired as all get out – still recovering from our little visitor – but it’s a good tired. I’m looking forward to Bugah’s visit in two weeks! It should be interesting to see the shift form a 6 year old girl to 11 year old boy!

BHK is still recovering too – sh’es more resilient than I am!

Machine is back to work, newtcam is online again!

9281 – Saturday – Happy Birthday, Oneeyed!

em’s dance recital: low skill, high cute factor. lots of adorable, ungainly little kids doing the ballet and tap thing.

bbq with gang, incl misti, neil, 2 friends, grandparents. spent most time playing with bugah at mario kart or checking out his room.

may fill in detail later, but too tired now… 3 hour road trip there, and 3 hours back… poor bhk is even more sleepy than me!

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9034 – mon

Back to work, MLK day 0121 Or R.E.LEE day for folks too racist to even take a day off to say thanks to a black guy. (Well, Virginia’s state Motto is what John Wilkes Booth shouted in the theater.)

BHK and Bug lifted me into work this morning… I said my goodbyes, as he was back in VA by the time I made it home. We had a nice time – lots of stuff to do, and good goofing off periods.

MRI came back, and I have a herniated disk – S1 level, pressing to the left {pic via gray’s anatomy} – (S1 nerve impingement from a herniated disc may cause loss of the ankle reflex and/or weakness in ankle push off (e.g. patients cannot do toe rises). Numbness and pain can radiate down to the sole or outside of the foot.

I’d like this to mean that I can get repairs done to a previously thought dead area. I suspect that I may have to have surgery down the line – Still early to tell.

To counter flying_blind’s wtf flickr moment – I don’t know how old the news is, but I just learned that the library of congress has a flickr account. Cool, neat stuff like this made me add ’em.

I’ve had music by TMBG in my head all week… I Palendrome I and Birdhouse especially. Sakes, but Jay Leno has gotten gray.

KFC dinner and an omelet at the in-laws tonight… BHK made it there about 10 minutes after I arrived. Nice time, gabbing with family about this and that – got to talk to Em on the phone a bit, too! Caught Danny on Skype, too… he was watching the debate feed on CNN. Me, I’m not caring much for any of the current batch of politicos, but it looks like he’s going to vote for Hillary, based on her platform.

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9023 – sat

Rise and Shine! Early Bird gets the worm! Road trip to Virginia today with BHK! (in-laws and Louise will caravan with us, in another car)

One of the ideas that BHK and I bandied about on the road trip after making up random drink names… like “The devil’s shoelaces”, “Cool Breeze” and “Bag o’ Tremors”, we started thinking about magical drinks that replicate experiences – “skydiving”, “slap in the face”, “Karate victory” were some of the more tame ones.

Stopped at Sheetz to get a nibble mid-trip…

  • garlic fries good but swimming in oil at the bottom
  • mac and cheese bleh.
  • Cinnamon pretzel needs no frosting.
  • Coffee drink was sort of weak.
  • How many teenagers lurk there as a social thing?
  • Cups leap out an attack patrons.

I think we’ll stick to pre-packaged foods next time.

While at Bugah and Em’s b-day, met Nana (great Gramma), The Gramma and Roy. We all went to an Italian place for supper – Joe’s. From the school of “HUGE portions of OK food” The spaghetti looked great, as did the lasagna. I tried a bite of the eggplant parm, which was a little bitter – my veggie sub did fine.

Speaking of the birthday, I was surprised to see that BHK and I were the only ones to get the 10 and 5 year old any toys! Next closest thing to a toy was a gumball machine bank. Oh, wait – I forgot. Louise got Em a toy cell phone and necklace. Bugah seems to dig the skateboard, but it looks like the learning curve may be a bit more steep than we had initially thought. I’m confident that he’ll be all over it soon.

After playing tanks and a few other mini-games, Bugah’s given me the Wii bug again. We may try and pick one up this weekend. I also played Destroy all Humans 2 on the xbox with Bugah, which seems to be a nice sequel to the one we have for our Xbox at home.

Em was a sweetie – leading me around by the hand – we played some concentration (using dominoes to match the number of pips) before leaving for dinner.

We made it back to our place about 11:30 – worn out from the day’s ruining around and socializing. My hip was a little creaky after the drive, but no ill effects aside from that.

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8949 – Sunday

Sunday morning started with more reading, and a repeat of BHK napping a little bit while I played Pyramids and Dominoes with EM. Once we were all cleaned up and ready, we toddled off to Chris and Larry’s for a tasty breakfast of Belgian waffles w/ ice cream and fresh made strawberry syrup – Em ate 6 or 7 pieces of bacon, and a whole waffle! That little critter can *eat*!

DSCN5926 DSCN5930 - monkey
Post breakfast gluttony, (see photos), we headed down to the Bay to take a moment to search for fossils – – Emily got a lovely little bag of shark’s teeth and shells to take back with her.

DSCN5936 DSCN5933

At about 1, it was time to head out for our rendezvous with Misti at the Arby’s – a reasonable halfway point between our homes (approximately an hour drive for each). during the drive, we saw quite a bit of Amish country, down to several Horse-drawn carriages – apparently you can pass them on a double-lined highway, unlike normal cars. A pretty broad assortment of them were out and about, covered and uncovered, families and older couples.
DSCN5941 DSCN5938

After lunch and switching Em’s car seat to Misti’s truck, we encountered two stray cats lurking around the parking lot.

DSCN5942 DSCN5948

After a little deliberation, we decided to take them someplace safer, either a no-kill shelter, home with us, or at least to a region without as much high-speed car traffic nearby. They’re Brother and sister, I think, and about four months old.
DSCN5947 DSCN5944

We did have to name ’em, rather than just boy or girl –

Ripley – White and tan little guy (Named for a place that has a bit of meaning for ussee also ) The little lover… all about snuggles and purrs.

Pomonkey – Longhair Tabby female, looks like a “what if Pye and Newt had a daughter” Hair length and ear-wispies of pye, with Newt’s markings. (Name based on a city’s name I learned a while back and haven’t stopped enjoying yet) Super curious, purrs easily, too.

After taking them to the vet to be tested for Feline Leukemia (and anything else that might hurt Pye and/or Newt), they came home with us to stay in the guest bathroom. We located a good foster home for them both, and I don’t think either one will have any trouble being adopted.

While we’d love to keep them, we just don’t have the ability to do so in a good way. I really wish that we could… makes me want to own a barn a mile away from anywhere, just so we can have a homestead with a bunch running around.

Since we waited at the vets for about 5 hours (emergency room for animals – triage… the kitties were pretty dang healthy except for ear mites, so other, more urgent cases had priority.)

We watched the Meteor shower for about 3 minutes until we both got super sleepy, and had to head to bed. Caught a few shooting stars, though!

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