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9792 – Thursday

I just realized I missed Artomatic again this year, dang it. Third Time’s a charm, I guess!

Pictures from today – BHK taking a roughhouse with Newton Break, and I take a walk to stretch out my back and see baby ducks.


Mostly an at home day today. Worked on the garden, cleaning up, and work search. Thanks to Sean, I discovered sugar on a stick, which I’ll install to the first cheap flash drive I find. Looks like cute fun!

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9595 – Monday (if mankind is still alive)

Happy Year of the OX! Happy B’day MissV!

Hectic day at work today – lots done, lots to do.

After work, BHK picked me up, and we stopped by Dream Wizards – unfortunatly closed, so we settled for MOM’s got a few little sundries – beans, bread, veggie-chips

We went to the Vegetable Garden with Todd – he’s in town for a couple of days, and we’re happy to take advantage of having him local! It was nice visiting with him, and hopefully we can catch him again tomorrow before he high-tails it back to South Florida.

Quote of the night – "Should I take the shoe or the duck? … Well, the Shoe comes with maple syrup!" Todd got the Duck, anyhow. I suspect the shoe was tastier.

Note –

GEN. WILMINGTON’S SHOE Ingredients: Veggie sable (made of soy protein), red onion & white mushrooms wrapped & baked in puff pastry sheets.  Garnished with steamed snow peas & carrots.  Served with organic maple syrup.

Veggie-Duck w/Asparagus Ingredients: Yuba (Fresh Tofu Skins), Potatoes, Black Mushroom in Brown Sauce. Garnished with Yellow Squash, Asparagus and Carrots. 

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6667 Make way for ducklings

Dang… big ol’ rainstorm last night! Looks like it’s going to be big and wet the rest of the week.

Lots of piccies this entry. Took a few with my palm, hated them, and went back with my regular one to compare contrast.

I think it’s adorable that ducklings will orbit mama duck… venture foo to explore, but as soon as anything unusual happens, they run like a unit back to mama.

Some ducky-pictures, and a couple of others: