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Friday – 10203

doodle - 4/16/10

Had the in-laws over for supper – cooked hot dogs (meat for everyone but me, veggie dogs for myself.)

Finally got the taxes out of the way – there was an issue with last year’s digital signature – fortunately, it’s now a pretty well known issue with the IRS – if you didn’t file before a certain time, just make your AGI 0 rather than what was actually made, and it’ll pass through with no problem.

Neighbor Chris looks to be mending ok – I have been wanting to spend more time with him – hopefully he’s getting as much rest as possible – I know how mending from back surgery can be.

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sunday – 10, 073 1/17

slept almost all day, except for playing lego battles on the ds and watching it crowd / sanctuary

Pye likes to snooze in my lap, too. Forgive the poor quality, dear journal – it was dark, and I didn’t want to wake him.

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10,071 – Friday the 15th.

terribly sick – probably shouldn’t have gone out and about yesterday – I’m really gravelly and wiped out. Probably won’t go over to the Naille’s for game night this evening. sore throat, sore joints, high fatigue.

The upside is that I’m  enjoying Colors! on the DS and streaming old-school radio and tv detective shows.

having a bad hair day – what happens when you spend the day sick in bed. I feel like a hood ornament.

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10,070 – Thursday

Nutshelling to catch up – backdated, so it shouldn’t autopost everywhere.

I am still sick – went out to pick up my acekard2i at ups with Chris and BHK. I’ll be putting homebrews on my christmas prezzie in no time!

Of course, a trip with Chris means shopping, so I parked at gamestop while BHK and her mom roamed around homegoods and pier 1.

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10,062 – wednesday

It’s weird that my life is so cross-referenced on the web that I post 4 entries in various parts of facebook  for each journal post I make. sorry about that!

Watched There Will Be Blood last night with BHK. (We’re rolling the netflix queue again)… and, not to sound like the horse from Ren & Stimpy, but No sir, I dodn’t think I have any use for the movie. It seemed like a very long 2nd act to me. Didn’t surprise me that it was from the same cat that did Magnolia, another film I didn’t really dig. No sir, I don’t like it.

My newest nickname is “Dr. Polarbearchesthair” for taking care of BHK while she has the sickies – If I can just get the laptop to the bed, maybe she’ll rest! Fortunately, she has her DS and a copy of Lego Indiana Jones to keep her situated for the time being.

assorted doodles from today – first – from the end of there will be blood. Take that, Eli!


The next – a random guy blowing bubbles


Lastly, my head falling for no good reason.


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10,059 – panorama gone haywire!

when automatic panorama photos go bad… I’m a hovering decapitated head!

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