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9792 – Thursday

I just realized I missed Artomatic again this year, dang it. Third Time’s a charm, I guess!

Pictures from today – BHK taking a roughhouse with Newton Break, and I take a walk to stretch out my back and see baby ducks.


Mostly an at home day today. Worked on the garden, cleaning up, and work search. Thanks to Sean, I discovered sugar on a stick, which I’ll install to the first cheap flash drive I find. Looks like cute fun!

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9657 – Sunday –

Lazy day today, to make up for yesterday’s jaunt. We had a leisurely morning at home – woke up slowly and got ready to head out for the day.

After BHK got out of the shower, we took another nap… so walkies were out.

Via DCist

This morning the National Park Service announced it has revised the peak bloom dates for D.C.’s famed cherry blossoms, to April 1-4. They’ve also added on an overall "Blooming Period," from March 28-April 11, which nicely overlaps the dates of the National Cherry Blossom Festival (March 28-April 12).

The Chesapeake Bay’s health isn’t looking so hot these days.

Totday, we hung back – got up, showered, had a nibble, rested, opted out of boardwalking and watchmen

instead, we went with the in-laws to outback, shopped for groceries, and I was frightened by the evil bunny pigs.


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9417 – Monday

Pictures from today – Robots, fire, symmetrical homes, bay life.

clicks embiggen. Fire is a video. Of Fire. in a ring. where we made s’mores.

0901082024a.3g2.S6302256 .S6302254.

Here is my labor day in reverse

off to bed early

opted not to labor too hard on lj entry

made smores in the fire ring

Mexico for dinner

Played some portal – finished bonus levels.

napped and lazed

2 mile walk, including the bay and a robot backyard

woke up early

According to identity management firm Cyber-Ark’s annual ‘Trust, Security & Passwords’ survey, a whopping 88% of IT administrators would steal CEO passwords, customer database, research and development plans, financial reports, M&A plans and the company’s list of privileged passwords if they were suddenly laid off. The survey also found that one third of IT staff admitted to snooping around the network, looking at highly confidential information, such as salary details and people’s personal emails.

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9408 – saturday

Beautiful day out this morning – we went for a nice 8am constitutional to check out the bay fest pre-opening. Lots of seagulls on the beach waiting in advance for folks dropping bits of funnel cake and corn dog, no doubt!

It got pretty hot by the time we got back – I left in a fairly creaky condition, but was ok, but tired once we arrived home. BHK and I lounged for an hour or two, and then I got a message that boiled down to my going into work on Monday. Too many issues with the project – can’t in good conscience take the day off, under the circumstances. I think that I was more disappointed about not getting BHK’s birthday off to treat her more than she.

After wrestling with that for a bit, we headed back to bay fest for some junk food, people-watching and a bit more exercise. While at the Bayfest I saw Kathy Bauer! I worked with her at Calvert county a little over a year ago, and she recognized me immediately. That crew was the kindest and most fun group of people I’ve ever worked with… a shame that it just wasn’t affordable to work there. We didn’t stay long, but got a couple of veggie egg rolls and some limeade and orangeade which really hit the spot. Between the ‘fest and home, we took another A/c break at Coffee, Tea and Whimsey and ended up purchasing a bottle of wine for the evening’s birthday celebration, some awesome horseradish/garlic dip, some goofy rubber monster key-toppers, and a keen Buddha eye-glasses holder for BHK’s nightstand. Pictures of those… and the ‘fest to follow.

More resting and just goofing around until six came… bhk and I were watching primeval and just soaking up some snooze-vibes with the kitties. I waited for BHK to hit deeper sleep, and went to sneak off to do some wrapping, but it wasn’t stealthy enough – but she relented to nap while I wrapped.

We went to the in-laws for dinner – BHK got her desired Chik-fil-a strips and nuggets, and Chris made her a cake, too. She managed not to be buttered, but Larry psyched her out a few times. Aside from the tasty dinner (I had eggplant, zucchini, and the best corn on the cob of the summer), a little room was saved for the cake.. it was a reduced sugar yellow with chocolate icing… pretty yummy!

Loot BHK got was – card 1 from me – made her cry, but they were happy tears, cards from her grandparents on Larry’s side – in-laws gave her a cat encyclopedia, a ruby and diamond heart necklace w/matching earring-studs, and $100 toward a sewing machine…. very, very generous and appreciated!


The cake – pre-ignition. Don’t worry – BHK will be butter-nosed, yet, dear journal!

Day ended with us lounging at the in-laws living room – Hallmark channel vs the Rock.

Over at Gamasutra, Steve Fulton has published a massive 23,000-word history of Atari from 1978 to 1981, encompassing ‘… some of the most exciting developments the company ever saw in its history: the rise of the 2600, the development of some of the company’s most enduringly popular games (Centipede, Asteroids) and the development and release of its first home computing platforms.’ Best quote in there for Slashdot readers, perhaps: ‘Atari had contracted with a young programmer named Bill Gates to modify a BASIC compiler that he had for another system to be used on the 800. After that project stalled for over a year Al was called upon to replace him with another developer. So … Al is the only person I know ever to have fired Bill Gates.

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9365 – Monday –

Fresh harvested this morning for ratatouille tonight. delicious. Larry had hot dogs, as he’s not a veggie guy, excepting corn… more ratatouille for Chris, BHK, and me!


The garden keeps tossing us more eggplant! ichiban, white and green. yum. note the sneaky, almost camouflaged placement of another okra. Hm.

Slow night tonight… just visiting and eating for the most part. Back tweaked up a little bit, but nothing to be concerned about.

Until later, dear journal.

Goodbye, Blue crab. I’m sorry you’re so low on the survival priority totem pole.

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