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getting chilly!

There is no current Advisory for Calvert County.  The potential is a gradient of snow from approximately ½ inch of snow in the northern areas of Calvert down to nothing in the southern end.  If precipitation starts it will be flurries after 9 pm with the most significant band between midnight and 6 am.  After the precipitation, a cold front will move through the area with winds potentially in the 30-40mph range and some of the coldest temperatures of the season.

Saturday morning could be in the single digits.

9794 – Saturday

BHK and I stopped off at the flea market on the way to study at the library – picked up a nice fedora for $5. (see icon) comfy and it fits. Also got a rock heater for my back and/or BHK’s feet

ATW is especially freaky today – he’s being hunted by some giant clown phantom. Probably a cannibal.

Llamas off the side of the road, and a huge beetle when we got home!

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9730 – walkabout pics / videos

















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i touch you

two were here <3







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9091 – Monday

It started with a foggy Monday morning. (sakes, that’s even weaker than “It was a dark and stormy night.”) Sleepy start, but a little nap on the train into work gave me a little jump start. Warmer lately… upper 40s, with very little wind.

Work progressed evenly, though there is plenty to do. The holiday cookie competition was launched in the break room – 4 entries this year. A white chocolate / cranberry drop, pecan bar with milk chocolate, an oatmeal-type square, and a rum ball sort of cookie…. I’m torn, because they’re all good stuff. I think that I’ll end up voting for #2 or #3… another sampling tomorrow will help me to decide. 😉

Lunch was leftover ziti and veggies from last night’s din-din… it was yummy – garlic is a wonderful thing.

Heading home was a bit pokey, due to a delay on the green line… a person was hit by a train at Fort Meade, home of the NSA. My imagination makes me wonder if it’s a spy or dark ops guy running away from the men in black. Some mastermind making off with the keyword list from ECHELON, no doubt. We have a couple of those radomes in North Beach/Chesapeake Beach, come to think of it.

Why yes, I did run a little program on the above for wiki-links. That’s sort of distracting… I doubt that I’ll do that as regularly again. I’m a little goggle-eyed just looking at all of the possible snap link-bubbles there.

Got home, and snacked on Cheese crackers while watching Gossip Girl with BHK. I’m not sure when the episode was made, but it sure has a writer’s strike feel to it… Dixie from Brisco County has aged a lot better than Bruce Campbell. Then again, he’s ten years older than her. Speaking of which… I really dug Burn Notice – Fresher to me than House… presses all the right buttons for me.

After a snack, we finally got to see Transformers, despite all the warnings against it. I tend to agree, that it was really cornball and kind of dumb, but it had a couple of fun bits. I wouldn’t have walked out of the theater, but I might have complained about paying $10 to see it. Good for a no-brainer netflix night. Not worth seeing more than once. Speaking of flicks, I’m looking forward to seeing Machine Girl (note, blood-spray violence in the trailer – flying guillotine, drill bra, machine gun arm, and tempura / sushi trauma.)

BHK brought home two more game rentals… tried out one, Geometry Wars. Fun, but tough… very retro feel due to the vector graphics and asteroids / omega race vibe. Not a lot to it, but the controls are pretty nifty, and multi-player has some real bite to it.

Overall, we had a relaxing night – still no lights on the tree, but that’s where we were last year, too. Tomorrow, I think that there’s a strong possibility of putting a few more items up… our little outdoor teak tree has some all-weather lights on, and it looks terribly cute. Photos are going to have to follow soon.

As it is, I’m up too late! A quick link, and I’m off to bedski.

via flying_blind – (also responsible for pointing me to this keen transit site back a bit ago)

Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project. It’s goatloads of old Edison cylinder recordings, some downloadable, plus a selection of them can be streamed while your browse. And yes, they have “Yes We Have No Bananas”, as recorded in 1923 by the Green Bros. Novelty Band. What more could one ask of any website?”

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9079 – Sat

Nice morning, until I got out of bed, and pulled my back. At that point, I was in extreme pain and after much shrieking and frightening BHK, I took a shower to loosen up a little bit and went to urgent care. I’d say it took me about 45 minutes to work out how to walk from bed to the shower…the pain was pretty significant. Agony is a good word, that sounds about right.

Needless to say, I missed my allergy shots. I get to call on Monday to see what I can do about rescheduling.

After getting looked at, I was given a ‘scrip for an anti-inflammatory and a narcotic to knock me out for when I got home. The 800 mg of Ibuprofen given to me took quite a bit of the edge off, as did the change in position from sitting to standing. I was feeling good enough to grab a bite to eat and a haircut… Ledo’s calzone for me, and BHK nom nom’ed on some tortellini. We shared the spicy ravioli appetizer… probably the highlight of the meal.

Seen in the parking lot, after my trip to ouchie-land: if clicked and embiggened – License plate reads “Sons Confederate Veterans
How do those folks rate a plate? I guess money talks. It is interesting to note that they don’t want any connection to the KKK around the Confederacy… The sad fact is that when I see a confederate southern cross “battle flag“, whatever else has happened, I assume the worst. Despite the wealth of history and culture… it just smacks of white supremacist behavior to me. I have to wonder if the owners of such plates get into or out of more scrapes with other people… Is a police officer more or less likely to give a ticket instead of a warning? If they drive through different parts of town, do folks cheer or give him the finger?

I wonder the same about pro-life or pro-choice bumper stickers and plates, too.

First Christmas Present arrived… From Kev, via Amazon (His isn’t due to arrive in Guantanamo until after his item is released on the 18th… not telling what it is here, in case he reads this. I haven’t peeked at the invoice, so my present is a surprise, too.

Rested at the in-laws – Chinese food and we watched Flyboys. Not a bad flick. It fed my desire to see biplanes vs triplanes in arial combat, so there you go. I was pleased to see a zeppelin, disappointed that they took a huge pile of liberties with history. (I didn’t mind that so many “Red Barons” were there… but it was pretty goofy from a historical context)

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9072 – Saturday

Again, for any who care – “Black Friday” is *not* the busiest shopping day of the year. (Though it is generally in the top 10)

Today in a nutshell:

Allergy shots – quick like a wink.

Greek Festival – crafts were interesting – more art glass and felting.

  • More nifty to me was the interior of the church.
  • Jesus has a little smudge on his face.
  • Gold Bells
  • Augustine and Helen Mosaic.
  • Devil and Squid.
  • Merman and angels? No answer from guide. Photos to follow. Squid says “I don’t care! I don’t care!”. Satan is balding, but has braided pigtails.
  • Marble vs Ivory.

Homestead Gardens – 3 new ornaments.

  • robot – retrobot reminds BHK of me.
  • love bugs – BHK and I all snuggly.
  • popcorn – our fondness for movies.

Preacher cookies at the in-laws. (Chocolate cookie, made with oats. yummy.)

nap, no sleep, just rest.

Picked up dinner for the crew, and we saw will at the Chinese food place.. is he making a resurgence? He seemed to have seen us, and appeared to hide out in the Roland’s while we got our food. We saw him head back to the Chinese food place as we were driving off.

Back at in laws for General Tso’s Tofu and a viewing of Christmas Vacation – I dozed off a few times.

Home again, and deep sleeps.

Fire on Friday’s Creek, originally uploaded by cynroux.

Beautiful capture of local color by Cyn! Amazing grab of local autumn colors.

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9071 friday!

Dinner last night was excellent… BHK and I slept a bit late this morning – just relaxed a little before heading out for a trip with Larry to take a look at the toy trains set up at the neighborhood motorcycle shop. It was pretty amazing – I’d really like to know where he stores all of his track, trains and scenery the rest of the year! I think that my favorite parts of the set were fire engines at the burning building (with real smoke), the hobo camp off to the side in one of the tunnels, or the Super Chief. Pictures to follow as they’re uploaded.

After an hour or so there, we popped off to the doctor’s office in the hopes of getting a jump on my weekend shots. No dice – they had the same break that I did. Tomorrow’s another day, though.

As consolation, we went to Mexico for very late lunch and then poked our noses into the Festival of Trees. Quite lovely, but I didn’t realize it was for Hospice… many of the trees were memorials. Given the fact that my Dad’s birthday is right around the corner (I can’t believe that he’d have been 62) and that my grandmother is teetering on hospice care now – that was all a bit much for me. The Tree in the middle with all the doves on it, and each one named for someone in that sort of care really cut me to the quick.

Christmas isn’t supposed to be about deep, gut-level sorrow regarding loss… if anything, it should be a celebration of joy. I’d say it took me a good little while to rearrange my thoughts into the proper mindset.

That said, we did see some beautiful trees, again, pictures to follow. The craft show aspect was less than stellar, given that the good stuff (items made by hand – glass beads, ceramics, art prints, etc.) were rather crowded out by the bad. (Air filter units, Herbalife [crosses arms and spits to both sides], and prefab junk made overseas and sold on tables.)

We got a ceramic votive candle holder made by kids in the school’s art department… it’s lovely, and we got to meet the person who designed it. It now resides atop the TV, for mood lighting.

BHK is by far the most wonderful traveling companion a person could ever wish for. The fact that I love her so much isn’t clouding my vision there in the least. She has a delightful sense of wonder and curiosity that makes everything just a little more shiny and brought into focus.

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