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10420 – Wednesday

Back pain is kicking up seriously today – Took some meds, and hopefully it will be more functional soon. Too ouchy to do stretches or the bike right now.

Walkies yesterday ended in BHK picking me up a block from home as I trudged in a torrent – lucky she came and got me – I was fearing for the DS and the phone’s survival.

Having trouble remembering my dreams lately – time to start keeping a notepad by the bed again. I think the morning shower washes memories all away.

Today is the 10th Birthday of Newtcam! (Means Newt’ll be 11 in a few months)

I’ve been wanting to play Martian chess a lot lately – time to teach BHK( and Amy for a 3-player version for when she visits?) , or go back to superdupergames.org (I haven’t logged in for over a year) Maybe I’ll write an application for smart phones or psn, if I can get permission from Looney Labs.

I think that the ad campaign with the Old Spice guy Isaiah Mustafa is great, and that between his voice, build and humor, he’d be a perfect fit for a Luke Cage movie or tv series.

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10,144 – Saturday

 make a note to to go back to *REAL* writing, dang it

finished sarah vowell’s book – partly cloudy patriot – good stuff

went to third eye – picked up batman(me), tank girl (bhk), archie (bhk)

lunch with nailles – ruby tuesday – pretty tasty!  too many steps at the mall – back got roughed up a bit

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9828- thursday

BHK and Mandy out today – they headed to Annapolis and went shopping at Sephora (got makeovers) , Lush (nice smelly soaps), some sammiches at selby, coffee at fab brew.

I stayed home, in fear for my testosterone… Instead, I opted to stretch out my back, I put in 2.5 miles around the neighborhood… it was cloudy, so weather was cooler. After the first half-mile, I was able to stand up straight, and the walk became rather comfortable… I visited the candy store and picked up BHK a praline and some gummy soda-bottles to share along with my primary goal of a bottle of water. At the post office, paperback swap sent me (c/o BHK)  The Vesuvius Club (not the graphic edition, just the novel) and Song of Kali – I look forward to reading them both.

Later that afternoon, I gabbed, watched some Bones and played some phase 10 with Chris – The girls brought us home some selby subs – steak and cheese for Chris, uber-veggie for me!

Chris and I are planning to hit the gym sometime soon – it’ll be nice to do some weight training / back strengthening with another guy who knows what I’m dealing with.

He had to do the news starting at 4am tomorrow, so Chris hit the sack at about about 7:30 – BHK and I headed back home (across the street).

Laid back and we played a lot of DS (BHK) and PSP (me) while watching the finale of Burn Notice – we were both rather underwhelmed about the summer closer. Hopefully Psych will take up the slack.

Back is complaining now about the earlier walkies. I forgot to mention that I went with the old gps – made some waypoints – kitten safari, bus stops, etc.

Upon looking at my spinning Scotto heroclix icon… I think I have to update and make a new one for myself, BHK, Newton and Pye.

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9826 – Tuesday.

Got my shots and refilled meds today – that and running errands absorbed most of the available daylight. Back is still tricking up, but I do better after stretching and a little bit of a walk.  Still pretty tough for me to pick up anything moderately heavy, and standing or sitting for a long period is difficult.

During my last walk, I picked up a couple of UNO decks to put in local geocache sites. I’m not very fond of the drive-by/ “cache and dash” mindset, but going to one a day is a nice way to see newplaces and old ones in a new light.

BHK made plans with Mandy to hit the thrift store tomorrow – BHK has a lot of luck finding loot – I expect to get a good shirt or two at least!

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9804 – saturday

Good morning, dear journal – I will be updating you little by little over the course of today.

Using my starry-eyed icon to represent my brain on oxy-c for my back today. Very painful, but I’m taking the stupification way out today, along with my heating pad.

Later – Bhk home from her schoolwork – Back is still fairly out. Heating pad is helping, and I’m having chinese food with the in-laws while watching NCIS.

Bugah comes over tomorrow. I can hardly wait! We’ll put in some quality buddy time this week – I have to remember to ask if Harry Potter is acceptable for him to see. Certainly Wii games and some outside time by the bay will happen.

Set up my google voice account – 410-929-6473 (can call it anywhere from the continental usa for free) – likely will go to voicemail, though.

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9800 – 0716091128.jpg

0716091128.jpg, originally uploaded by scottobear.

this is probably the on doctors office that I have ever visited that does not have any drug ads, diagrams of skeleton/musculature or anything else but tools of the trade, all unbranded. I rather like that.

allergy shots went well – getting a scrip for a new sleep study so I can get a new CPAP device.

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9790 – this just in –

Apparently the IME (independent medical exam) claims that I’m back to where I was before my fall. Nope- not so. Fortunately, I’m still good for one more epidural with them, and then it goes to my regular insurance.

Hell, as long as I don’t have to pay more than a minimum to get fixed to a point where I can function, whatever works. Apparently, I missed my #3 injection due to Denise the receptionist’s oversight – she claimed I was unable to get the shot due to worker’s comp not being properly phrased.

We’ll see how this turns out.

In other news – BHK and I may go see our Tuesday movie, or we might go on walkabout in a bit. time will tell, dear journal.

Looking for a ew renter for out Deerfield beach condo – old tenant is great, but he moves back to Brazil this month.

Bear Scare in Ohio cracks me up.

9747 – Thursday

 Travelers insurance (worker’s comp) wants to send me to one of their doctors in July to see if I need surgery and to get a second opinion regarding my back. I worry that surgery might be the way everyone is leaning. 

news story – moment of horror – "Daddy ate my eyes." not for the squeamish.

Opera 10, available for download now, is looking pretty keen – certainly one of the faster browsers I’ve used in a while. Under the chrome, much of Opera 10’s focus is on speed. Already no slouch when it comes to page rendering, an overhaul in the JavaScript engine means that intensive web apps like Gmail or Facebook load and respond considerably faster in Opera 10. In fact Opera, claims that the new beta has a 40 percent speed gain over its predecessors.

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9746 – weds

Not sure If I’ve mentioned this yet – but even if the new Land of the Lost movie totally stinks (which I doubt), I’m betting I’ll get a cool sleestak toy out of it being produced.

Pretty straightforward day – Back was hassling me qite a bit, but we managed to get groceries and hit the post office –

dinner of spaghetti and veggie meatballs… and asparagus / garden broccoli in rice wine vinegar and garlic. fantastic! Good feed for whiel we watched "so you think you can dance"

got tagged by eryx – anyone who wants to, consider yourself tagged.

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9742 – mon

the unusuals, primeval cuts off at the end.

back to business.

next epidural will be from the side – on June 23.

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9725 – Tuesday

Happy Anniversary, LJ – 9 years doing entries. Hard to believe, though my posts of late have been petty scanty. I need to get back on the wagon and produce something I’ll want to look back on in a few years.

IN back news, I got my second epidural today… not working so great – may be due to scar tissue issues. next one will be injected through my side rather than the back, if I get another.

After my shot to the spine (pictures to follow), we visited at the in-laws for a few – had chinese food and hung out – Adam came over and played a little guitar with Larry and Stone.

Adam fessed up to trying adderall before his finals… not sure how happy  / unhappy I am with that. Not prescribed to him. Misuse can easily become abuse.

Watched Children of Men – not bad, but not mind-blowing, either. Worth seeing on tv, but perhaps not a non-netflix rental.

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9697 – Thursday

Happy Walpurgisnacht!

Not at work – workers comp / work in general needed a tighter definition of “light duty”. (I got the email last night after the doctor’s office closed – so I get another day from the house. Kind of annoying – not sure if worker’s comp is going to pay for my day off today.)

Should be self explanatory, but I have to wait. I guess back tomorrow. Spoke to the doc, and she’s sending over more info this morning.

As of now (approx 3:20pm) they still haven’t faxed the information over. I tried calling a little while ago, but no answer. Going to try again in about 10 minutes.

Chicken in a can

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9696 – Wednesday

Trees out side are sexing up the world – yellow dust everywhere.

Back to work tomorrow – Got approval for light duty until at least my next epidural (in about 2 weeks)

Meanwhile, I’m catching up on my older emails and getting back up to speed, so work doesn’t hit like a ton of bricks.

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