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10,149 – Wednesday

Happy St. Patty’s, Dear Journal!

Spring is becoming more and more evident every day.

I forgot to mention a few things yesterday, given the photo/video nature of my limited entry. Father in-law toddled off to New York this week, so BHK and I are playing cruise directors to the mother in law. BHK stopped at Ch’NaCa for a pair of #6 needles, and I  finally used store credit and a gift card to pick up God Of War III and Wii Sports Resort.

Chris took us out to supper at 3 brothers pizza a salad and Sicilian style- half meatball for BHK the more omnivorous, and half mixed veggies for Chris and myself. We planned on doing a little minigolf, but it closed before we could get around to playing. Instead, the gang promptly headed home, and Chris enjoyed beating me at the sword “chop duel” game. BHK excels at Basketball / Archery , and my games of preference are the air combat and wake boarding. Golf is pretty keen, too.

BHK and I got a little wanderlust this morning, and went to take a peek at Aardvark… I was pleasantly surprised to see they were still open, though they’re moving at the end of the month, and stopping all video rentals – just comics & games now. Upside, we got a fistful of movies for $7 (~a buck each) –

Not too bad – I’ve only ever seen the first and last of those films.


A, we went to Play’n’trade and I swapped some old controllers, software and $20ish for Infamous, Drake’s Fortune, and Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 (Games are buy two, get one free – basically I bought one, and got one on credit, and got one free.) Not sure if I’d go to PNT unless I had loot to swap out, but they do price match game stop, and take best buy / game stop gift cards! I’m pretty good for a *LOOOONG* time for PS3 console games.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Shaun and his sister there – I don’t thing we’d seen him since the polar bear swim… and we still have some of his stuff at the house. We made plans to play a little Ticket to Ride or Small World with them both sometime soon.

BHK got a little nibble to eat at the local fried chicken joint / Japanese grill – not as good as My Grill was up in Deale, but it was quite yummy and good-sized portions.

Came home, and picked up Chris – watched Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil while having a nibble of Chinese food.  BHK had never seen the whole thing .. it makes me want to go back to Savannah (our Georgia journey pics are a bit out of whack, it seems there are a couple of FL pix in there, but most are properly tagged)

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0502091712.jpg, originally uploaded by scottobear.

our first cauliflour of the new garden blooms!

Also, Free comic book day… third since we’ve been married. 🙂

Cosmic Encounter at Aardvark – maybe we’ll pick it up sometime? We got an apples to apples expansion set.

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9418 – Tuesday

So… a nice little reprieve from Gustav for New Orleans. I hope everyone (Louisiana, Florida, and everywhere else) continues to dodge Hanna, Ike and Josephine. Note 3 years ago today, below.

The DNC homepage makes no mention of John McCain. The RNC page has a ton of attacks on Obama and Biden. That’s something. Not sure what, but it’s something.

BHK put me on to Disaster Dioramas – I’m partial to the Hindenburg, but I suspect that she’s more into the Titanic.

Tonight we went to Ledos, and got the greasiest white pizza ever. Tummy trouble is likely to follow. we didn’t bother keeping half of it. I hate wasting money and food – I suspect it’ll take a lot for us to return there. Got maggie moo’s as a after yuck treat – I got mint chocolate chip with chocolate sprinkles and brownie bits – BHK got carrot cake ice cream with peanut butter sauce. It was pretty good, if odd. I’ve got a love-creeped out relationship with cake-batter flavored ice cream.

Added bonus was at the photography center next door – we saw an orange kitten (about 3 mos) named Charlie playing with his humans… it was very adorable, and we got to talk to the family a bit. BHK thinks it might be time to get a portrait with the lads… though I’m not sure how well-behaved Newton would be for sit-down pictures. Pye is mellow enough, but it is a strange and new environment.

I forgot to mention that on Saturday we went to Leonardtown – skipped witch rock this time, and instead visited a few nifty bookstores – including one made from an old bar. I can’t remember the name but it was a nifty old-school mass of books just reaching back into the far back – also went back to White rabbit and got BHK a Raven Puppet to go with her Edgar Allan Poe, a yarn store (Crazy for Ewe ) with a hostess who was very nice and kept staring at BHK’s lime-vanilla ice, a model train shop and the do-dah deli… later, we went to Aardvark to pick up Pentago – BHK beat me 5-2… a sound victory indeed.

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9392- Saturday –

Went to Aardvark and picked up Mosquito, Humans!!, and Toledo (BHK got comics – Archies 60’s and Archies 70s, to go with her 80’s book… and NYX.)

Mike kindly threw in a Zombie Fluxx flamethrower expansion pack… and we got a 1,2,5! card, too! I was surprised that we hadn’t gotten that promo in the mail from the Looney Labs directly yet.. I’m glad Aardvark is looking out for us! May hang out with Mike & Tara sometime – brought ’em veggies from the garden – pickle salad recipes.

Went to the other Mexico restaurant… *that’s* where the chef went! Food was great, and the decor was really sweet, too. It’s usually a 7-8 at the other place, it was maybe a 8-9 at this location – a little hard to find from the road… there’s another Mexican restaurant coming up on the corner – I fear that might mean trouble for Mexico’s Lusby site.

While we were there, we spotted a neat kit-tricycle vehicle – see photos below. click to embiggen.

S6302127. S6302126. S6302125. S6302124. S6302123

We got home, and crashed out.. both BHK and I have been really fatigued lately… summer heat? I’m sure I left something out – I’ll leave it to BHK to remind me.

Until Later, Dear journal.

Elephant painters!

A million decapitated Darth Vader heads, artistically decorated.

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9372 – Saturday

Let’s see… What’d we do today? Stream of thought – more so than usual.

Started out late to get shots… but just as well… the doctor was late, too… and we’d have had to wait, regardless. I beat BHK at Yahtzee 2x, she got me once, while we hung out. “Good Boy Lollipop” of the day was Cherry Cola. Item of note – I think of the weekly lollipops I get from the doc… I may’ve eaten 3. The rest are in a bag… at this rate, we may have Halloween candy worked out… not that I’d unload tiny lollipops on trick or treaters. Actually, I’d like to bail on the trick or treaters this year, and take Allison on a ghost tour, or hit a Halloween party… or even stay in upstairs, and watch scary movies with all of our lights out.

Anyhow, back to today. After the doc, we had lunch at Mexico Restaurant – I was so hungry that no doggie bag was required. A rare occurrence… I polished off BHK’s last cheese enchilada, on top of my potato flauta thingums. The enchilada sauce there is fantastic, but variable, depending on the chef on duty.

From there we went to Aardvark, and Chatted with Mike and the gang… we missed seeing Tara this time out. One of his employees was very fun to talk to, and is interested in getting BHK and I to try out D&D miniatures gaming.. we have the freebie that was given out, and it looks like a hoot. I was admiring his Xorn and Landshark figures.. very meta, as I think that they started out as random plastic toys… If there had been a owlbear or a rust monster, I’d have been sure.

We picked up Tsuro, a few generic wooden pawns of different colors (red, black, white, green, a light and a slightly darker natural wood colors), and Issue #3 of Marvel Fairy tales. It’s funny to me that BHK gets more comics through my drawer there than I do… I lean to trade paperbacks rather than singles these days. The Fairy tales series is cute. Each book is pretty self-contained.

Foolishly forgot to get ice cream at Aardvark, and cold stone creamery was out, so chik-fil-a milkshake did the trick. BHK got a tiny triplet of chicken strips… they were so good that she decided that she’d like those on a platter for her birthday. (She said “instead of a cake”, but heck if anyone I know is going to not have a cake without good reason!)

Swung by the mailbox, got our netflix, and then got home, and unpacked our goodies, popped some corn, and got ready to play some Tsuro while watching Machine Girl. The movie has a great trailer, but the film itself doesn’t carry itself very well… we stopped watching about 20-30 minutes in. We swapped it out for Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. It’s cute for a chick flick – good excuse for 4 stories in one movie, I preferred the filmmaker’s tale over the others.

As for our Tsuro games – 1 tie, bhk beat me twice. I think that it’ll be a lot more random, and less strategic (it’s really only light strategy – each game takes about 15 minutes) with more players.. the pieces are easy on the eyes, and the rules were a little unclear about the dragon tile. All the dragon tile does is tell who got to the bottom of the draw pile, so when cards come back, they get first draw. You can really just toss out the dragon tile, and the game would be the same… maybe it’s better to remind folks when 8 people are playing – as they are knocked out, the tiles they held go back into the draw.

Newton and Pye did a terribly cute nose-kiss while we watched the movie. I’m very happy that they’re so social with each other.

So, BHK won the games day by 3 victories to my 2 victories and one tie game. Nicely Matched.

After Sisterhood, we puttered watching the tube a bit… but now it’s time to head to snoozetown. Until later, dear journal.

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9331 – Sunday

Forgot to post this yesterday –

ATW man Crabbing.

First thing we did today was view Swarm of the Snakehead at 1 am, when BHK woke from her Pizza Hut induced torpor “nap”.

We weren’t disappointed. Swarm of the Snakehead was exactly what we were looking for (and didn’t get) when we went to see Grindhouse. A fun, cheesy, “bad in a good way” sort of horror flick. It’s most certainly more a comedy film than horror, despite the periodic moments of gore. I’d love to see this on a large screen somewhere, or better yet as a movie shown outside, on the beach… maybe projected on the side of a large white building.

Head and shoulders above any other made for Sci-fi channel stuff, ten pound would likely do quite well to shop the film to them, or a similar venue.

I may be a bit biased, because it was filmed right nearby, primarily in Easton and Oxford – a hoot picking out local spots.

I can’t believe that Gunnar Hansen was both Leatherface and the “Quint from Jaws”-style Fisherman! There’s range for you!

I think I’ll write up a much longer and nicer review of the movie soon – I want to get some input from BHK about her perspective on the film, too. I’d say it was the highlight of our weekend, though.

After the delightful midnight movie with BHK, we tucked back into bed, and snoozed… I’d say we got up and out of the house by 11ish.

Polished off the last of the croissants from the farmer’s market (I had chocolate, she had almond), BHK decided to venture forth to Aardvark and grab our waiting games. Mike and Tara were out, but the employees were swell to us.

The day was gorgeous and since we wer euntethered by any other family responsibilities (in-laws took tigger to Salem for a long weekend), we meandered around Southern Maryland, looking for a nice new spot to grab some lunch and just enjoy each other’s company.

After much tooling around of St. Mary’s, we eventually ended up at the Reluctant Navigator. After eating there, I understand his reluctance. The food was somewhere between meh and ok. Service, not bad – environment when we first walked in the door was “we’ve made a terrible mistake” but after getting past the foyer filled with old boat motors, chainsaws, and crab traps covered in dust, the clean dining area changed our tune to “oh, this is probably all right.” I’d put the food at medium-low quality. somewhere in the 3-5 out of 10 range. I seriously doubt that we’ll be back, unless something amazing causes us to return.

We continued on our journey, with food in our bellies – after putting some petrol in the tank, we wandered into Cecil’s Old Mill, a general store and post office – pictures to follow sometime after I upload ’em. Meanwhile, check out what somd online has to offer. When I saw the logs in place, I had two thoughts. first – that’s perfect for an old movie villian to strap a maiden to, and let the hero try to save her while he gets away. The second was the gravity gun usage in last night’s HL2.

The old post office was my favorite, though. Lots of memorabilia everywhere.

We bought a pair of homemade brownies and a diet pepsi, and toddled on home, to water our plants right before a huge, thunder-filled rainstorm.

We had tasty sammiches for dinner, and watched our last tivo’ed Monk – where he reunites with his pop. Not a bad character dev show, but a lousy mystery solution. “We found the tie!”

Now, bedtime. Gnitght, dear journal. Have some lovely linkies.

Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds Barbie Doll

Just so you know that your family isn’t so bad, dear journal –

‘Cannibal relatives ate boy alive’

A seven-year-old boy was kept chained in a closet as relatives hacked off pieces of his flesh to eat, a court has heard.

In a case with echoes of the Fritzl family horror in Austria, Ondrej Mauerova was partially skinned in the closet in a cellar at his home in Kurim near Brno, in the Czech Republic, according to reports.

The abuse – involving members of a religious cult – was uncovered by chance last May when a neighbour’s television baby monitor picked up graphic pictures of what was happening next door.

Ondrej and his nine-year-old brother Jakub were locked and chained in the cellar for months by their mother Klara, 31 – a member of a group called the Grail Movement.

He was caged, beaten and gagged to stop him screaming, according to reports.

Mauerova had the monitor installed so that she could watch the abuse from her kitchen but the images were picked up by a neighbour who used an identical system to monitor a newborn baby, the regional court in Brno has heard.

Police were called and the two boys as well as what appeared to be a 13-year-old girl were freed.

But the girl later turned out to have been one of the alleged abusers, 34-year-old Barbora Skrlova.

She subsequently fled to Norway before being brought back to the Czech Republic earlier this year.

Mauerova has admitted abusing her children but she said she had been manipulated by Skrlova and her own sister Katerina.

The accused are Klara Mauerova, her sister Katerina, 34; Barbora Skrlova, 33; her brother Jan Skrla and a friend Jan Turek.

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9330 – Saturday

It’s officially a change of seasons, no matter where you live, now. Summer, here. Spring seemed to be far more brief than Winter. Happy Longest day of the year, Northern Hemisphere!

Could someone explain to me how Obama not taking public campaign funds “ruins his credibility”?

Let’s see— today –

Shots! Quick and Easy.

Didn’t get to Aardvark for replacement for Catan Dice, and pick up Illuminati: Crime Lords – probably tomorrow.

Went to Annapolis to go see Zohan – I didn’t realize he was going to be some sort of superhero – more fun than I’d thought- had the requisite Sandler dumbness, but it was pretty cute. A few running gags ran overlong, but it was better than I’d expected. The beginning sort of put me in the mood to see Hancock.

I’m rather saddened to hear that Get Smart is poorly rated (almost as bad as the love guru? Seriously? That bad? I haven’t seen, but can only assume the words fro Guru.) – I hope that Wall-E and Hancock bring something more fun to this summer’s movies. I haven’t seen Indy 4 yet either, but I hope it’s better than the reviews make it out to be.

Pizza at the New Pizza Hut by ATW man – not the best – I think it made BHK sick.

Picked up the mail, and noticed our screener of Swarm of the Snakehead came in! (official site)

BHK and I went down for a nap, she is sleeping heavily. (Still wasn’t feeling well) – I got up after an hour, and did some work on the computer for about an hour, and then played video games for about 3 hours – (Portal, HL2, and some game modsPirates, Vikings and Knights II and Zombie Panic.) Tossed a little Bioshock in for good measure.

not for the easily dizzy –

cooking in 3 D

camera 3 D

sail boat in 3D

tunnel dudes

old Dude 3D

More of these: Cursivebuildings

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9317 – Saturday

Ah… Shots and then free as a bird.

Ice cream at Solomon’s cone island – I got a soft serve mix chocolate and vanilla w/ chocolate jimmies (erm, sprinkles), and BHK got a small vanilla soft serve cone, dipped in a cherry shell. both were yummy.

Checked out bikes… it’s going to be simpler to buy one than ship mine up from Florida, I think.

Hit Aardvark and picked up a few goodies – that place is habit-forming. We headed home to play our newly aquired treats.

got Hive – pieces bigger than expected (BHK won one, I won one)
got Kahuna – We’ve been playing this on Yucata.de for ages, and discovered there was a comfy form-factor – (BHK won)
got Katan Dice – missing pad, already sent for replacement. We’ll play it next week.

Also picked up Archie in the 80’s for BHK, and the umbrella academy trade for myself.

played If Wishes were Fishes finally – cute game, maybe a little clunky, but could be better once learned or with more players. (I won)

Arkham Horror is a lot more complex out of the box – we weren’t looking to play a 2-4 hour game, so we saved that for another night. The other games could be picked up in 5 minutes played in 20 or so. Kahuna maybe twice that.

Next games for us to play from the game pile are canasta caliente, rook, killer bunnies, gloom, marriage material, and grave robbers from outer space

Went to Selby Sub Shoppe with in-laws – I got a veggie sub w/ seasoned fries, bhk got a chicken parm w/ smiley face potatoes, Larry a burger with crinkle cut fries, Chris a garlic white pizza.

Things seen on Thursday – a toy blimp at nice & fleasy antiques



BHK also saw some cute stuff at the library, including a mosquito wearing an I pod.


and a cootie catcher.


She’s caught cooties! I knew it!

Sporepedia is already publicly accessible. This is the online field guide to all the creatures people have created with Spore, and the source from which the game will eventually populate the planets you play in with AI-controlled versions of the races people have made.

The incredible thing about Sporepedia is that those thumbnail images you see are the creature files. Drag that image right from your browser to the game window, and it loads that creature in all its scampering glory. The creature’s DNA is actually coded into the metadata of a 25 kilobyte PNG image. (via James )

KINDERTRAUMA is about the movies, books, and toys that scared you when you were a kid. It’s also about kids in scary movies, both as heroes and villains. And everything else that’s traumatic to a tyke!

City of Shadows, long exposure shots of crowds in St. Petersburg, Russia by Alexey Titarenko.

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9310 – Saturday

Bugah’s baseball game is today – didn’t drive out to VA to see him – both BHK and I love that kid to death, but we’re both too sick to go up there and spread our germs to the little ones – that said, we did go to the doc for a shot.

Got shots, we played Yahtzee on the pda three times while I waited for clearance to leave, bhk does better than me in general, but I got her 2/3 games this time.

Hit the yard sale in front of the firehouse on the way home – BHK got a pair of books, something by Moning [edit – it was Darkfever ] (Highlander something) and The 13th Tale.

After a bit of rest, we decided to head to Aardvark, and picked up Arkham Horror, Grave Robbers From Outer Space and Marriage Material (as well as vol 2 of Irredeemable Ant-man, and Vol 2 of New Frontier.)

I started feeling much more poorly Saturday night – BHK is sick, and I have a severe cough, a fluid-filled chest, muscle aches, and back pain.

We started to do a puzzle, but I couldn’t even stay seated at the table…. so I flopped in front fo the TV and half-watched until we tucked in, at about 9 pm.

On a lighter note – we got our first nibs and nabs from the garden!

Blueberry … first eats produced this season by our plants… picture taken with cell phone.

0606080643.jpg - just in time to be part of breakfast

Who was part of breakfast that day… but his brothers and sisters later became part of this –


Blueberry Pie! BHK’s first, and it was delicious!

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