Dang, I’m tired of TV. Even radio has too many commercials on it now, I’m at work, and they played like 8 minutes of commercials in a row on the station, before I gave up and turned the dial. Some of them were funny, but I wanted music! Can we stop with them, just for a little while, or put them on a lesser rate of broadcast? Music! That’s what we want, right? TV has to be good for someone to watch it, but commercials don’t have to be good. All they have to do is tell you where you can buy pizza, or what exactly you have to rub on your vagina to cure feminine odor and what kinds of freakish side effects it’s going to have on the parts of your body that aren’t a vagina. As much as we love to be told what to buy, we honestly don’t expect commercials to be fun. A commercial can annoy the hell out of you, and you’ll say, “You know. I wish those kids with their faces tied to the back of the speedboat would stop screaming, but I could really go for one of those Mountain Dews they’re holding.” A bad commercial can still have some kind of usefulness to you, I guess… but man. Shut up! SHUT UP!

Sorry. I’m a little irritated still.

too much pressure today.

2 bagels, lots of water and a blueberry muffin.

Blood sugar wonky, I can feel it. I can see the colors of my stress flying like a flag. An irritating flag. one that’s ringing my phone, asking stupid questions in a voice I hate. For no good reason. I’m entertaining thoughts of burying folks up to the neck at low tide, and waiting for it to come in. Then getting impatient, and just bashing skulls with my shovel.

OOh. Angry. not good.

Good things that happened today…
Um. I didn’t die. Chatted Briefly with Robb, made plans for Friday, maybe to see invisible guy.

That’s all I can think of…

Suzy’s hard up for cash, and I’ve given all I can. I’ll give her more on Friday… I think then it’ll be my cutoff.

I’m super tired. Didn’t walk this am.

I want a job where all I do all day is research stuff on the ‘net. Anyone hiring?

There’s too much crap happening today here. lots of little jobs, all amlunting ot mucho work, B & H leaving, not getting to see robby today. Poopies.

It’s a lot like a menu in a restaurant that serves 300 different kinds of scabby band-aids. Each one is a little bit different, but they all make you cry.

Hmm… I’ll get by, after doing some work, get out from under this pile….

Had a grilled cheese on whole wheat at g’bye lunch for b & h, and water on the side

Power puffs are on!

Angelicdestiny’s looking good in her new icon!

Had a great day at the graves museum. Saw dino bones, and all manner of keen stuff. Got to see a behind the scenes tour of the panarama stuff… I never realised so much art went into museum displays! Keen sculpture, taxidermy, molding and real keen airbrushing stuff.

The woman in charge was wonderfully talented, and pretty cool, too. I suspect she was australian.

Had a garden burger w/ baked spud, loads of water and iced tea for lunch,
saltines w swiss & saltines with cheddar, fresh grapes and water for supper.

*Cheeese, Gromit!*

Cracking good.

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